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Q: Can rockets beat down the laker?
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How many times have the Celtic' s beat the Laker's for the championship?

9 times

Will the lakers beat Houston rockets?

not a chance

What do you do after beating the rockets in icefall cave?

after u beat team rockets u talk 2 bill's partner

How do you get the cave behind the two rockets at Mt ember to open?

It is after you beat the Elite Four and become the champion. After when you go to meet the rockets they will have made a cave, then when you talk to them they will battle you. After you beat them, you can then enter the cave.

How does one get a whirlpool in Pokemon shiny gold?

Ok, after you beat the rockets at the rocket hideout, Lance will give you a Clamperl that knows whirlpool =] Ok, after you beat the rockets at the rocket hideout, Lance will give you a Clamperl that knows whirlpool =]

How do you get past team rockets hideout?

Fist you beat it then your past it.

How do you get Sabrina in her gym on Pokemon Yellow?

Beat the Rockets in Saffron

What is the birth name of Freddy Laker?

Freddy Laker's birth name is Frederick Alfred Laker.

What is the birth name of Jim Laker?

Jim Laker's birth name is James Charles Laker.

What is the birth name of Tim Laker?

Tim Laker's birth name is Timothy John Laker.

Who is the lady who sits 4 seats down from jack nicholson at the laker games?

his girlfriend

What does friction have to do with rockets?

Among other things, friction will tend to slow the rockets down.

What rockets that can be reignited after they are shut down?

what can be reignited after they are shut down.

How do you get through team rockets warehouse in fire red?

beat them daahh

How do you get the lift key in team rockets hideout?

u beat a grunt....

In Pokemon FireRed how do you get the ruby?

After Pokemon league you will go back to one island and go to the fire mountain and go right there is two Rockets beat them then go down in the cave and whola.

Will the magic beat the lakers?

i dont know the are both good,but laker is like a one man show without koybe they freraking suck?

Where is a masterball from?

u can get it by beat team rockets boss at Saffron city :D

When did Laker Airways end?

Laker Airways ended in 1982.

When was Laker Airways created?

Laker Airways was created in 1966.

When was Freddie Laker born?

Freddie Laker was born in 1922.

When did Freddie Laker die?

Freddie Laker died in 2006.

How tall is Tim Laker?

Tim Laker is 6' 2".

How do you beat the helicopter in black ops DS?

Well. Since I beat that game so many times on ds. I will help u. Ok wen u first see the hely come in. What u MUST do is....... GRAB SOME ROCKETS AND SHOOT THE SUCKER DOWN

Who is The Oriental Laker Girl?

The Asian LA Laker girl's name is Lisa. She has been a Laker girl since 2008 and lives in Los Angeles.