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No, weight training in general does not stunt your growth. This is a myth, as people thought the growing ends of the bone could stop if damaged, but this is undocumented. Pushups are very beneficial to kids and teens.

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Q: Can push ups stunt your growth?
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Related questions

Does push ups stunt your growth?

No, definitely not. Push ups are a wonderful free weight exercise to help us develop our chest, shoulders and Triceps. This growth stunting because of push ups is a myth/rumour and is not true.

Does weightlifting at 10 or 11 stunt your growth?

_ yea . start push ups

Can you stunt growth by doing to many push ups and sit ups?

I think so. because i found it from Google searcher

Do pull-ups stunt your growth?

Pull ups do not stunt your growth, they actually help your bones and muscles to grow faster.

Do pull ups stunt your growth?

No. They help your growth.

Will push ups stop your growth?

No, push ups will not stop a persons growth. Push ups help people lose weight. This exercise is very popular.

Do sit ups stunt your growth?

no, they stretch your abdomen

Does the growth gets stopped by doing dips or push ups or pull ups?

Growth does not stop when you are doing push ups, pull ups, or dips. Those are forms of exercise, which keep you healthier, and do not stop your growth.

Does weight lifting stunt your growth?

No, weightlifting does not stunt your growth. However, you should not start too early because you may injure yourself in other ways. It is best to wait until you have grown to your full capacity before you start some serious weight lifting. When you do start, you should start off with simple routines such as push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and jumping squats.

Are doing push ups and sit ups hard core daily when you are young stop your growth?

no. unless you are doing alot of push ups and sits like i mean A LOT, your growth will not be stunted

Does wearing a push bra stunt breast growth?

No. It's genetic.

Will push ups affect growth?

Height wise, no. This is affected by a hormone called Human Growth Hormone produced by the pituitary gland in your brain. Push ups will only affect muscle growth in your arms.

Will push ups reduce your growth?

go cookie go

Do push ups and dumb-bells stunt height?

No. There are no exercises that affect a person's height one way or another.

Should teenagers be build muscle?

yes you should try and healthly build muscle but dont push yourself to hard as it can stunt growth press ups and sit ups are good for exercise and muscle building as you are using your own weight and not using to much weight and straining yourself

Does push-ups stop your growth?

Push ups should don't stop your growth, since your mostly using your hands. but weights, they pull you down, so yes if you do weights you will become shorter. Hope that helped.

Does doing sit ups and push ups prevent growth?

no i have been doing them my hole life and i am six foot

Does weight lifting or sit ups stunt your growth?

no it does not i started lifting when i was 14 and i was 5/9 and now im 24 and 6/2 and i am well fit weight lifting and situps did not stunt my growth and all of my friends that i know same for them

Does exercise stop you from growing?

Exercise does not stop you growing. Running,cycling, swimming etc are all healthy examples of exercise and don't stunt your growth. Lifting excessively heavy weights at a young age (12-14ish) however, can stunt your growth and effect the development of your arm muscles and bones. If you plan on lifting weights at an early age you should ask your trainer/coach for advice and stick with smaller weights. To be honest, I would just recommend push-ups, pull-ups etc.

Does marijuanna stunt your growth?

Yes, marijuanna does stunt your growth.

Do energy drinks stunt the penis growth?

Maybe, but it won't stunt your growth

What do push ups do for you?

There are many different kinds of push ups. The push ups range from beginner to expert. Push ups can workout different parts of your body depending on what kinds of push ups you do.

Does deodorant stunt growth?

No it doesn't stunt physical growth but there are deodorants out there that stunt hair growth. Sure and Dove and hair minimising roll-ons and sprays.

Can steroids stunt growth?

no it cannot stunt your growth but it does affect the size of your breasts or penis.

Im13 and wondering can lifting weights stunt your growth?

i dont think it will stunt your growth.