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yep, its stupid but yes if you are skating on public property. they can give you a ticket too.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-22 02:03:49
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Q: Can police take skateboard
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Is it illegal to skateboard on a public street?

Call the non-emergency number of your local police station .

Can you take a skateboard on a delta flight?


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Yes, but it would be a hassle.

How long does it take to make a skateboard?

by, hand or assembly?

In roblox how do you get a skateboard gear?

Are you an idiot it is so easy just go to catalog skateboard contest items and clikc it then take it it's free.

Can you take a skateboard with you on a airline?

Yes I travel with my skateboard strapped to my backpack on carry-on all of the time. you can also check skateboards, but carrying on is safer and cheaper.

Can you take your skateboard to Australia?

Yes, I bought mine to Austrailia.

How long should it take to land the shuvit on a skateboard?

about a week

Does it take more force to push a car or skateboard?

A car.

How do you make a real skateboard?

First you get a skateboard thaN your eat it and digest it and it makes a REAL skateboardOr take a walk down to your local skateshop and pick up a "real" board.

How do you remove risers from a skateboard?

You remove the trucks and then just take them off.

Can you take your skateboard with you on a plane?

Possibly....It would probably be checked, though

How long would it take on a skateboard from California to make it to Illinois?

its going to take at least a month or two to get their

How long does it take to skateboard 1 mile?

It depends on your setup, but with a cheap setup (which come with most cheap skateboards at walmart) you can get 1 mile in about 5-10 minutes if you know how to skateboard already.

How long does it take to learn as new trick on a skateboard?

around 3 years

What to take when going mountaineering?

a hammer, a hat, sunglasses, condoms, skateboard, and a netbook

How many wheels does a skateboard have?

A skateboard has 4 wheels.

How can a skateboard do what it does?

This is a mighty vague question, but I'll give it a shoot. A skateboard has wheels - when these wheels are acted upon by a force (such as you pushing it), they proceed to take the energy from that force and change it into centrifugal and centripetal forces- this causes the wheels on your skateboard to turn. Your skateboard won't roll indefinitely from 1 push because while your skateboard is rolling it is creating friction with the sidewalk you're skateboarding on. Friction is caused when 2 objects rub up against each other - this creates heat and a transfer of kinetic energy. Once all the kinetic energy has been transferred from your skateboard's wheels to the sidewalk, your skateboard come to a stop.

What is the best skateboard for a beginner?

Choosing a good skateboard can be tricky, if you're a beginner in the sport. There's a lot that you have to take into account, in addition to the cost. You have to also consider the complete board, the deck, the trucks, and the wheels, whether you're buying a ready-made skateboard or are putting together your own.

If you take the trucks off your skateboard could it work as a snowboard?

yes i have done it it is rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does it take to be a pro skateboarder?

The answer to be a pro skateboarder is alot of practice and advise for friends who skateboard.

Given the same slope angle which is faster a snowboard or skateboard?

a skateboard will go faster a skateboard will go faster a skateboard will go faster

How do you use skateboard in a sentence?

My brother's skateboard is blue with white and black, he loves his skateboard.

What to put in a skateboard backpack?

A skateboard.