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yes becuz you work out

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Q: Can playing tennis help make your legs skinnier?
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Can your legs get skinnier by running?

no but your butt will .

What kind of legs do boys like?

Boys like larger thighs, and skinnier calves. But it depends on your butt. If you have a big butt-- they'll like skinnier legs.

How can you get skinnier legs?

work out on ur legs not only does it make them strong but it makes them skinny

How do you make your legs skinnier?

Exercise and eating healthy foods.

Can you make your legs skinnier?

yeah you can. Its called excercise and eating healthy.

What are the body parts used while playing table tennis?

legs arms and a paddle its simple

My legs have no fat because I play soccer but are still very big. How can I get skinnier legs?

i play soccer to and my belly and my legs are fat why is that?

How do you get skinnier legs?

ok so if you want to get skinnier thin legs like i do these are the things ou have to do...# a push up sort of thing like if your climbing the ground in position.# 2.squat down and do it a little bit faster each time( this will help)# 3. do a split running position:)try to do this everyday at least 50x each ( i know you guys are like thats to much but it will help:)

How do you make your legs thinner if you are short?

you dont need to work out..all you need are black flats..not the sandals..the covered flats! and your legs will look skinnier :]

What lower body muscles are used for playing volleyball basketball tennis golf soccer and swimming?

For all these sports the muscles of the legs are needed.

Why is the tennis for a human?

because humans have arms and legs, and tennis is a SPORT where you have to run (legs) and hit the ball HOLDING a raquet (arms!) haha

Where do tennis balls get used?

On Tennis Courts? ;) Also on chair legs and with dogs. ;D

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