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Sure, I dont see why not.

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Q: Can people with aspergers compete in amateur boxing?
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Can people with autism compete in amateur boxing?

Yes - autistic people can do anything that neurotypical people can do.

How many people compete in Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is not a competition. It is a public holiday in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries.

Is aspergers a mentall illness?

Aspergers is not a mentall illness it is not a diesease you can,t catch aspergers by being around someone with aspergers. People with aspergers are born with it. Although aspergers affects the way people think and veiw the world it is not a diesese. Recent aspergers studies have shown that in brains of people with aspergers there is a difference in the way the brain is wired and set up. and there have also been studies of aspergers brain waves and it showed the brain waves of people with aspergers differed from nerotypical brain waves. Just because people with aspergers think differently does not make them mentally ill there is a huge difference between the two.

Where can you find Sen Harry Reid amateur boxing record?

nobody seems to have it.If he boxed he blocked the punches with his head or the people he fought were wimps.

How come people don't want to be friends with people who have aspergers?

People with aspergers dont have many friends because they are shy but some people will play with aspies and make friends with them. I have aspergers but have a good amount of friends. People with aspergers are aslo morelikely to be bullied so they might get a reputation as being weak

How many people from Ethiopia are in the 2008 Olympics?

Ethiopia sent a team of 22 athletes to the 2008 Games to compete in athletics and boxing.

Do good looking people have aspergers?

They can

What is aspi?

Aspie = Person with Aspergers Syndrome. It's friendly slang that those with Aspergers Syndrome use to refer to themselves. People without Aspergers Syndrome are referred to as NTs - Neurotypicals.

Can being married to a jerk actually be someone with aspergers?

It could be but it's unlikely, people with aspergers tend to be nice and caring

Do people with aspergers like math?

Not all people with aspergers like math. One of the aspergers myths, is that they all love and/or are gifted in math. However, some do seem like they're gifted in math, while others might have trouble.

Do some people with Aspergers Syndrome have selective mutism?

I have aspergers and find myself a chatterbox to a friend and rather silent to my mother. IDK :p She gets annoyed though but what can i say? People with aspergers may or may not experience selected mutism.

What is like aspergers?

Aspergers is quite sorta... wierd. you can normally conversate and other things that non-aspergers people do but it's like seeing everything clearly but being behind a glass wall.