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People do not stop growing by lifting weights. It was believed that weight lifting damaged the growth plates and stunted growth. It CAN happen, but only with very heavy weights, such as sets of 3-5 reps. They say no one should do HEAVY weights until they are 18, or fully grown.

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Q: Can people stop growing taller by lifting weights?
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Do lifting heavy weights stop you from growing?

Yes, because when you squat alot your bones get compact and you will eventually stop growing If you are still growing now, lifting heavy weights won't actually stop you from growing so much as cause joint, muscular, skeletal, and general problems with your physical development. Young people still developing shouldn't attempt weights until it's certain they've stopped growing. The complications from weighlifting at too early an age can be absolutely miserable: better to be taller than you might like than in pain and with restricted movement. If you feel you are too tall, try concentrating on being as healthy as possible so that you look really good, even if you'd like to be shorter. As you mature you'll quite likely discover all kinds of advantages to being tall.

If you are 16 and already taller than your parents can you grow taller?

It depends upon genetics. Some people will grow again taller and some will stop growing.

How to stop growing taller?

There is no way to stop growing taller. You will stop growing usually around the age of 18.

Do you stop growing if you lift weights at a young age?

no. it in fact encourages growth. i started training when i was 16 and actually got taller as a result. even when i was 11 i lifted weights sometimes and i was still the tallest kid in my grade. still am :)

Is swimming good for growing taller?

No. No exercise will help you grow taller.

Can weight lifting during your growth spurt make you taller?

not necessarily

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Can you stop yourself from growing taller?


Two everyday physical changes?

growing your hair and growing taller

If your still growing how do you grow taller?

You can't grow taller than what your DNA determines.

How does a rhino change?

it changes by growing taller.

Growing taller tips?

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