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Yes happened last night. Patriots vrs Jets

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Q: Can opposing team score on fumbled kickoff in NFL?
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Who catches the ball after kickoff In the nfl?

A member of the opposing team.

Who fumbled their first punt return as an Eagle resulting in a TD for the opposing team?

Greg Lewis

Why cant teams punt the football after a touchdown?

The rules set it up specifically saying that the team must kickoff from the tee. Now if there was a safety against that team, then they must punt the ball to the opposing team.

What can a soccer player score for the opposite team?

yes, but they put down the last opponent who touched the ball, not you

Whose score is always mentioned first in volleyball?

When calling the score before serving, the server calls out his/her teams score followed by the score of the opposing team

How does the the game continue after one team scores in soccer?

The opposing team (the team who didn't score) starts the play back at the center spot.

Can you give a sentence that has the word devastate in it?

The news will devastate her. That score should devastate the opposing team.

What a kickoff is and when it occurs during football game?

It is a turnover of the ball from one team to the other at the start of the game, the start of the half, and after any score.

How do you win a soccer match?

you score more times in the other teams net than the opposing team

Why does a kickoff in football take place on the 35 yard line?

if the kicker kicks the ball out of bounds without the opposing team touching the ball, the ball is placed on the 40 yard line as a penalty to the kicking team.

What happens if the opposing team blocks the PAT and runs it back for a score?

In college, 2 points are awarded. In the NFL, nothing.

What is the objective of football?

To score more points (Goal) than the opposing team by the end of the alloted time.