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One player could play both fullback and quarterback but not on the same play ... could play fullback one play and quarterback the next.

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Q: Can one person be a fullback and a quarterback?
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Where did the name quarterback come from?

the Quarterback is one quarter the distance behind the line of scrimmage as the fullback.

Where does a fullback line up on the line?

The fullback lines up in backfield, usually behind the quarterback, not on the line.

Why is a quarterback called a quarterback?

In the earliest days of American Football, the backfield consisted of four players behind the linemen. The one farthest back from the line was called the fullback (fully back from the line). Two players were positioned halfway between the linemen and the fullback and were called halfbacks. The man closest to the line was positioned one quarter of the way between the linemen and the fullback and hence became the quarterback

What do you call a football player that gets the hand off from the quarterback?

runningback, halfback or fullback

Who protects the Quarterback in football?

It can be the fullback who can also run the ball...the guard can also protect the QB

What are the players called who line up behind the quarterback before the ball is snapped?

First is the Fullback and in the back is the Halfback or Running Back.

What is the job of a full back?

A fullback's primary job is to be a lead blocker. Similar to offensive linemen, fullbacks get very little recognition despite making important blocks the entire game. Unlike offensive linemen, the fullback usually lines up 2-3 yards behind the quarterback and may run with the football or catch balls thrown from the quarterback; however, it is rare for the fullback to touch the football (hence little or no recognition).

Who was the Florida state quarterback to injure his neck and becom fullback?

Dan Kendra of Pennsylvania. He ended up being a navy SEAL after football.

Why do they call it a quarterback?

From Wikipedia: "The term quarterback has its origin in Scottish Rugby, wherein backfield players, according to their customary distance behind the forwards, were designated 'quarter back' (i.e. ¼ of the way back), 'halfback', and 'fullback'."

Where do quarterbacks get their name?

A quarter mean 1/4 of something. Thus there are four diffenent backs on offense. Quarterback, Fullback, Running Back, and Halfback.

What other positions besides quarterback and halfback have won the Heisman Trophy?

Other positions besides quarterback and halfback/running back that have won the the Heisman Trophy are: end, fullback, wide receiver, wing back, and defensive back.

What are 3 positions on a football team that may receive passes from the quarterback?

fullback, running back and tight/split ends on offense. any player on defense.

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