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Nipples can get sore due to cold weather.

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Q: Can nipples get sore due to cold weather?
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What does it mean when your nipples are sore to the touch?

Sore nipples can be a sign of pregnancy, or if you're due for a period, your nipples with get sore about a week before your period, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test.

What do sore breasts and nipples mean?

. They are growing . You are pregnant . Your period is due soon

What makes woman nipples sore besides being pregnant?

Your nipple will also sore due to the hormonal change in your body.

Nipples are sore 2 weeks before period is due Pregnant?

no dude, you are ovulating

Why does your nipples become sore or sensitive during pregnancy?

They become sore due to the changes going on within your breast - the production of milk.

What can cause sore nipples in a 5 and a half year old boy?

It can be due to trauma or infection.

Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy three weeks before your period is due?

Yes, Sor nipples are a sign of pregnancy also if you have missed you period

What does it mean if you usually get sore nipples a day or 2 before your period is due but you have sore nipples now and your period is not due for another week could this be a sign of pregnancy?

some/most women experience these symptoms when ovulating or when a period is due but if you are late then take a (hpt) home pregnancy test

Could you be pregnant not had a period due to stopping the depo but you have sore and hard nipples please help?

you might be

What does it mean when you have discharge from the nipples and they are very sore but you are not pregnant?

A clear discharge usually doesn't mean anything. Your nipples are probably sore due to PMS or your period. Check with your local physician. See your Doctor. Any new symptom with your breast is nothing to ignore.

Why does cold water make a sore throat worse?

Cold water actually should help make the sore throat feel better due to a numbing affect.

What could be wrong if you have sore nipples one week before your period is due?

waiting for a period can cause sore breasts (nipples included) headaches, cramps, being bloated and mood changes. Having sore nipples doesn't always mean you are pregnant. If you are not using a birth control method then please do! If you are single then ALWAYS have your partner use a condom to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

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