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Yes, but only if the other player is inside his crease (the blue semi-circle in front of the net)

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Q: Can nhl goalies body check other players in hockey?
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How many players on at once in box lacrosse?

12 just like hockey 2 goalies and 10 other peoples

When did hockey players start bumping helmets after a win?

Players bumping helmets after wins and with the goalies after a block have been traditions for as long as hockey has been around. It is their way for showing support and congratulating each other.

How many player in hockey team?

On a full NHL bench there are 20 players (18 skaters and 2 goalies). Other leagues usually follow this number as well.

Why do hockey goalies change goals?

He skates to the other side?

Number of players in ice hockey?

There are 6 players on the ice for both teams. 3 forwards 2 defensemen and 1 goalie. Hockey teams usually dress 22 players or have them on the bench so to speak 12 forwards, 6 defenseman and 2 goalies. The other goalie is the backup, in case the starting goalie plays badly

Why is the hockey goalie different from other hockey players?

Because it is an entirely different position. It is the only position in hockey that, if you make a mistake, it is recorded on the scoreboard. It takes a different mental approach for a hockey goalie than a player. Also, goalies are on the ice for the entire game, barring being relieved of duties or injury. Hope this helps.

Why are there eleven players in a hockey team?

if one team pulls their goalie to add a extra player their will be 11 players but the team with 6 players will not have a goalie. other wise their will be 10 players and 2 goalies unless there is a penalty in which case the player that commited the penalty will sit in the penalty box for 2 or 5 minutes depending on the call.

What are the advantages of having a hockey helmet on when playing hockey?

There are many advantages to having a helmet on when playing hockey. Often in hockey people will "check" other people by slamming them into a wall and a helmet protects players from injuries.

Why cant hockey goalies fight anymore?

Some still do. Although Billy Smith and Ron Hextall were the most famous for foghting other goalies or other plaiers. It still happons just rare. Most goalies wont charge down to the other end of the ice, unless tempers are flaring or theres a grudge.

Why does soccer have goalies?

Goal keepers in soccer are as or more important than the other players on the field. Without goalies, soccer would be like golf. Boring, and pointless.

Does a field hockey goalie wear a special cleat shoe?

Goalies wear the same types of shoe as every other player.

Who is the greatest hockey player in the world?

The Winner of the Hart Trophy (most valuable to his team) or the Art Ross Trophy (leading scorer in NHL) are usually used to distinguish which hockey player in the world is the best. However, there many other factors such as goalies, players playing in Europe, defencemen, and players who are currently injured. Therefore, there is no exact way to measure which hockey player is the best in the world. One may say Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, or Steven Stamkos, however, one cannot say for certain.

What is a scrum in hockey?

In hockey a scrum is when the players are fighting or roughing each other up

Do goalies in water polo score goals?

Yes, goalies can and do score. However, it does not happen often. Goalies usually shoot the last shot of a quarter or game, or if they notice that the other goalie is not paying attention or has come out of the cage. The better the players and the higher the level of competition, the less likely the shot will go in.

Why do goalies train different form other players?

Because they play completely different Positions!! UR A TARD!

Why do goalies hit the ice with their sticks when the other players aren't around them?

Goalies hit the ice with their stick to warn their team when the opposing side's penalty is about to expire. This is to prevent the player coming out of the box from getting a pass and having a breakaway.

What is the hockey safety rules?

Hockey safety rules are the rules put in place to keep players from getting hurt. Some of the rules are to not hit other players with your hockey stick, no tripping, no pushing, and no hitting.

Can goalies check?

Yes but the player can't body check them back and it would be stupid because then the other team would have open net because most goalies aren't the best skating and keeping balance with all there equipment on. So you can but it would be stupid.

What is the longest hockey goal scored when a goalie was in net?

There are goalies that have scored on the other goalie. the rink is 200ft long, so it's just under 200ft (at the most).

What percentage of public high school hockey players go on to play college hockey?

I do not know the exact percentage, but there are variants. High school hockey in MN will have a much high percentage of players that go on to play college hockey than other states. I would estimate that about 5-10% of high school players in MN go on to play Div I or Div III hockey. That will probably be much lower for other states as there high school hockey programs are usually second rate to the midget teams.

What has canada traditionally exported to other countries?

hookers and hockey players

What is difference between hockey and all other sports?

In Hockey, the players are allowed to fight and beat each other ip. Its part of the game. No other sport allows any of that.

What does a defenseman do in ice hockey?

The defenceman prevents the other team from scoring goals. They can go in the goalie box with the goalie. They basicly are the people who are second goalies, except they can not hanle the puck with their hands.

Do field hockey players where eye protection?

Except goal-keepers no other players wear face or eye protection.

Will Stiga rod hockey players fit a Franklin Pro rod hockey game?

I have been wondering the same thing... I have the franklin ultimate rod hockey pro model and one players stick is bigger than the other players due to the slot offset on the playing surface.. i have found that the stiga rod hockey players all have the same size a little upset that i too cannot find options to pick new teams/players out