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Q: Can ncaa basketball have the names on the back of their jerseys?
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Where can a person find authentic NCAA basketball jerseys?

Authentic NCAA basketball jerseys can be found at retail sports outlets and online. The NBA has a retail outlet that sells authentic jerseys. To ensure the jersey is authentic and not a cheap copy, one should ensure that the names and numbers are sewn onto the jersey and not screen printed. An authentic jersey will only have the NBA logo sewn on the shoulder, it will not display a company name, like reebok or nike.

How many division 1 NCAA basketball teams are from Texas?

12 What are their names?

What is the cheapest NCAA stadium for basketball?

NCAA basketball is not played in stadiums.

Who was the last team to win back to back ncaa basketball titles?

Florida in 2006 and 2007

Did unlv win a ncaa title in basketball?

Yes they did way back in 1990.

What is the name of the NCAA men's college basketball team that was the first team to win back-to-back NCAA men's basketball championships by beating NYU in 1945 and North Carolina in 1946?

This team was Oklahoma State.

How many conferences are in NCAA basketball?

There are 32 Divisions in D-I NCAA basketball.

How many conferences in ncaa basketball?

There are 32 Divisions in D-I NCAA Basketball.

In Ncaa Basketball 10 does it tell their names while your playing?

No, college sports video games are not able to use the names of the players.

Why are game worn ncaa jerseys longer than authentic jerseys?

Since most jerseys in the NCAA, as well as professional leagues are custom-designed for the player, the player may choose to add, or remove length for their own preference.

When did the NCAA basketball chanmpionship become THE basketball championship?

It became a ncaa championship in 1939.

How do you get real names instead of numbers in NCAA Basketball 10?

You go to the EA locker and then MEDIA CENTER

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