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It's not that impossible to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Any great fighter is bound to be defeated. Manny Pacquiao has an advantage when it comes to speed and power so it's a great possibility that he can beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Q: Can manny pacquiao beat mayweather in a fight?
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Can Manny Pacquiao beat Mayweather Jr?

Until this happen (Probably never will) there will be no answer to this question. But my prediction is I think Mayweather can't ever beat Manny Pacquiao because of his extreme boasting to him. When the time had come for them to fight each other, I'm sure that Mayweather's face will be broken like just a glass. He will also be afraid of him to fight again just like Antonio Margarito. His left eye is so closed that time.

Who are the only two boxers to beat ricky hatton in professional boxing matches?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

Who has beat Manny Pacquiao?

His father when he was a child.

Can manny pacquiao beat mayweather?

Of course,manny can beat maywether.manny has 7 belts than maywether.u will think maywether is stonger than manny because maywether is using a steroid!!!!!!!manny can prove himself any minute,day and any hour and manny has a lot of strength than maywether!!!!!! Go manny (the pacman) pacquioa

Who is the last man to beat Mike Tyson?

manny pacquiao

Did julio Caesar chavez beat manny pacquiao?


Can Miguel Cotto Beat Manny Pacquio?

No, Miguel Cotto can not beat manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao has speed,power and also stamina both in taking a beating and also out boxing his oppenents.

Why did mayweather beat marquez?

because mayweather is a cheater he always cheats and he weighed 4 more pounds than marquez so that proves that pacquiao can beat mayweather so we all know the answer

Will antonio margarito going to be fight champion?

Heck No! His face was so bloody when he got beat up by Manny Pacquiao. FILIPINOS FOREVER!!

Who did Manny Pacquiao beat for his eighth world boxing title?

Antonio margarito

How many times did pacquiao lose?

As of July 2013, the boxer Manny Pacquiao lost to three professional boxers. The names of the boxers that beat Manny Pacquiao are Rustico Torrecampo, Medgoen Singsurat, and Erick Morales.

When is next pacquiao fight?

Unfortunately, Joan Guzman is messing up his career and relinquishes the chance to beat Pacquaio, which he could undoubtedly do. Next is Mayweather or even his countryman, Donaire.

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