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As much as the city feels appropriate to invest in the team. The NHL has incorporated a "salary cap" to reduce the amount of unfair teams. But the MLB has not introduced this rule and should never do it.

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Q: Can major league baseball teams spend as much money as they want on payroll or only as much as they earn through baseball revenues?
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Which team has the highest major league baseball payroll?

New York Yankees

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What happens if a major league baseball team total team payroll is over the limit?

fines imposed until they adjust contracts to meet cap

Do athletes go on strike?

Yes. In the United States, players in Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League have all gone on strike at least once. Usually, the issues are pension and retirement benefits and how much of the overall revenues will go to salaries.

What American baseball team has the highest annual salary budget as of 2014?

Currently in 2014, the Los Angeles Dodgers has the highest payroll costs than any other major league team.

What is the average salary for a player on the LA Dodgers?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have the highest payroll in Major League Baseball. Their current average player salary is over 10.3 million dollars.

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The payroll for the New York Yankees is higher than any other franchise in the league. The payroll for the New York Yankees is approximately $198,000,000 compared to the next leading team Philadelphia Phillies at approximately $175,000,000. The average salary per player on the New York Yankees is also the highest in the league at approximately $6,000,000.

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