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Q: Can major league baseball players be gay?
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Are there any openly gay players in Major League Baseball?

Mat Latos

How many Major League Baseball players are gay?

Brian Giles Looks gay. Actually he is married and his two daughters, so no he is not.

What major league players are rumored to be gay?

Cliff Lee Roy Halladay Cole Hamels

How many baseball players are gay?

Currently there are no known players that are out.

Are there any gay professional baseball players?

Yes, there are 46 homosexual players in the MLB.

Are there any openly gay baseball players?

What baseball player is represented on the Major League Baseball network logo?

Ryan Pearsall....He is one of the all time great unknown first baseman. He was the first openly gay player. And the comissioner at the time was also gay. They had an affair and he put him on the logo.

What do gay people think about?

The same things that everyone else thinks about: weather, our jobs, American foreign policy, major league baseball and Lady Gaga.

What year did baseball players start to use batting gloves?

Cause your Gay. :|

Is there any gay NFL players?

There are no openly gay NFL players.

Is jay Bruce gay?

No people get a life and quit questioning baseball players sexuality!

Is Barry Bonds gay?

No, he is not. Barry Bonds is a former left fielder who used to play major league baseball for the San Francisco Giants. He has been married (to women) twice.

How many gay nfl players are there?

There are currently no openly gay NFL players.

Which NFL Players are Gay?

Jackson, Smith,and Gay

What do cricket players do before a match?

The Players like to have sex with a gay before the match and after they have a gay orgy

Which footballers are gay?

Like all major sports most players that are gay and you can probably guess at around 10% of them, will never come out as openly gay during their playing careers for the fact they will be ostracized and their careers will be over.

How many player in English Premier League are gay?

In a Daily Mail newspaper article in October 2008, ex-Premier League player Paul Elliot claimed that "at least 12" EPL players were gay but too afraid to come out of the closet.

How many gay hockey players are in the NHL?

As of now, there are no openly gay hockey players in the NHL. However, in a recent poll of all NHL players, over 80% of them said they believe they have a gay teammate.

Is there gay activity in the CFL?

i would be interested to support gay players

Have there been any gay NHL players he's gay?


What percent of men basketball players are gay?

The majority of gay professional basketball players are closeted, so it's impossible to count them.

Who are some gay MLB Baseball players?

There is one that I know of, Sandy Kofaux, one of Baseballs greatest pitchers, is gay.Hope I helped.

What wnba players are gay?


What Darts players are gay?

All of them

Are there any gay rugby players in the super league?

YESSS my friend Micheal has been scouted to the tigers and hes GAY ( i dropped the f bomb) hes beside me now and trying to feel my lap =O