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This is probably hands-down the best product I have ever tried in my lifetime. I kept asking around about this stuff, and out of everyone I spoke with, not one person had a bad thing to say about this product. All feedback was great and what really amazed me was that mechanics who rebuilt engines said they had saw engines that lucas oil had only been added to the vehicle 1 time and that's it. They said they could immediately tell which engine lucas had been added to the oil, yes even just one time in the life of the vehicle. They told me the pistons, valves, and rods all still had a degree of slickness to them. It basically takes what felt like a piece of lumber and turned it into what felt like a piece of ice. It really removes that much friction from all these engine componets as they move internally.

In my experiments with this product in my 97 f150 4.6 L engine the results were out of this world. Keep in mind that I also added lucas trans fix and their fuel inj. cleaner. Before these 3 lucas products my truck got an avg of 16 mpg half city/half highway mi. on a full tank. After lucas: 21 mpg avg. which stayed the same after 3 tanks of gas. The extra gas mileage alone is enough to keep using it for me. It will also greatly extend the life of your oil and keep your engine running much longer for those cars with over 100k miles. I love it and my truck or cars never go a second without it and neither will they ever. It just makes too much of a positive diff. to quit using it.

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Q: Can lucas oil stabilizer cause milky looking oil?
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