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Q: Can lebron shoot better than Kevin durant?
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Is Kevin durant better than lebron James?

i think Kevin is better because he is younger

Where do small forwards shoot?

they can shoot every were. they can dunk,lay up's,15 jump shots,and the three ball like kevin durant or lebron james or rudy gay or paul peirce

How do you shoot like Kevin Durant?

Watch tapes of him shooting and practice.

Who is better Kevin durant or Kobe Bryant?

Kevin Durant is better because he averages 30.1 points a game. Kobe Bryant averages 27.0 points a game. Kobe Bryant i think is better because Kevin durant has to score that much to save his team, Kobe Bryant has more offense and is a lot better in the clutch, he can score when he is in the paint, run to the basket, shoot the three, and Kevin durant scores 9 points from the free throw line, from his thirty points, and Kobe played with a broken finger and still averaged double assists, but Kevin durant will soon be a future MVP, and get better as his career goes on, so this is the good thing about durant, and he will score maybe like Michael Jordan, and Kobe is pat his prime, but these are the pro's and con's

Who is better Kevin Durant or Lebron Janes?

LeBron James sucks. I'll tell you why: He's slow, he CANNOT shoot, he has no handles, he gets away with travels, he complains each time he thinks he gets fouled, 3.2 seconds left in the game and Miami is down by 3, James will brick the shot because he can't shoot. You can't be better than "The Servant" if you don't have a descent jumpshot. Kevin Durant is a much better player than Lebron, much better scorer. K.D. is unstoppable, he has a 7"5 wing span, he has how many game-winners, buzzer beating game winners? I mean come one man, he doesn't need any refs to score, he'll do it without the officials, he'll do it without Westbrook. The guy has about how many 50 point games in his career, how many 40 point games, for heavens sake 30 point games, three straight scoring titles, should've had an MVP already, but Heat fans and LeBron fans are so caught up in this they vote for LeBron. Since when did LeBron make it to the Finals when he was 22, K.D. was precisely that age when he went to the Finals, and they cheat for James like crazy man i wish it would stop. I'll make a comparison for all you #Heatnation crazy fans. Who is better than who at what? Take a guess Kevin Durant Lebron James Yes Clutch No Yes Scoring No No Defense Yes Yes Handles No No Passing Yes Yes Rebounding No Yes Jump Shot No Look here fellas, obviously who is better? Kevin Durant.

For your opinion whos better between Kobe Bryant and lebron James?

Man Lebron is way better than Kobe. Lebron can dribble, dunk, and shoot all over kobe.

Who is better lebron or curry?

curry is better curry has unlimited range unlike lebron curry has better handles unlike lebron curry has perfect layups curry doesnt flop either,lebron and dunk and shoot mid range jumpers thants it :curry is better

Who is better in 2006 lebron or wade?

LeBron James. Never has Wade been better. Wade is no doubt very talented, but LeBron James is just simply too good. LeBron cannot be stopped defensively and is a beast at the game. wade is better. wade has better defense and can score easier than lebron. remember wade got a jumper and like to shoot the ball on the other hane lebron still hasn't developed a jumper yet so he cant rely on that. also wade has a rin lebron had too many chances to win one but couldn't lead his team because he is a ball hog. well lebron is great but wade has More experience as a player and he can shoot free throws lebron has trouble with his ft's and besides wade can shoot jumpers lebron cant so wade is better.

How does LeBron James shoot a basketball?

with ark

Can lebron James shoot a full court?


Who is the second player in the ncaa basketball 10 shoot around?


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