Can lead be used as a torch?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: Can lead be used as a torch?
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What chemical can you use to melt lead?

Lead (or anything else) is melted by heat. There are various chemicals that can be used to produce heat. For example, a propane torch can melt lead.

Which phone is used by salman khan in bodyguard movie?

It is aBlackBerry Torch 9800:)

What grey metal is used to galvanise iron and is also found in torch batteries?

This metal is lead (Pb).

Why is a torch used as a symbol for knowledge?

A torch sheds light, as does knowledge.

What battle or operation lead to the allied invasion of western Europe?

Operation Torch

What do you use the volcanus torch for on mln?

The volcanus torch is used to be friends with Raanu

How is the torch used in the modern Olympics?

They run up the stairs and light it using the torch.

What would a brazing torch be used for?

A brazing torch is used to head up metals to a high temperature. This is helpful for welding, molding and construction which uses metals. It can be hand held for a torch.

How does the Olympic torch go underwater?

When the Olympic torch is carried underwater, a magnesium torch is used, since it can burn even under water.

What items did the Revolutionary War use?

Powder, Flint, and lead balls for the muskets and pistols. Cannons (Artillery) used metal balls, powder, and a fuse/fire torch/stick.

Why people invented a torch?

It is a source of light. BTW "torch" is the word used in Britain (and a few other countries) for what Americans call a "flashlight".

Did the statue of liberty's torch used to be a light house?

yes but now it is just a light torch decoration