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The rules state that one may never place his own King in check.

Because a King can only move one square, it must be adjacent to a piece in order to attack it.

But the act of moving your King adjacent to your opponent's King would be putting it in check.

And so the move is not allowed.

If your King is two squares away from your opponent's King, it is not attacking it, and thus it is not putting the other King in check.


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Q: Can kings in chess put other kings in check if the other king is two spaces away?
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In chess can kings capture kings?

No, in chess, kings cannot capture kings. First, kings can not be captured; they can only be checkmated. Second, kings cannot deliver check to the opposing king.Kings also can't get right next to each other diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.A king may capture another chessmen other than the opposing king but cannot move into check according to the rules .

What will you get when pawn goes to kings place in chess?

The Pawn can then be promoted to any chess piece other than the King .

Where do we keep the king in the chess?

When not playing a game the kings are kept with the other chess pieces in a box so that they do not get lost.

Do you have to say check in chess?

no, but it messe with the other guy

Can the kings face up in chess?

The two kings may never face up to one another in chess. This is because a king moving adjacent to the other king puts itself in check, because the other king would be able to capture the king that moved. It is illegal for a king to place itself in check, therefore it is an illegal move to face up to another king.

Can the kings take each other in chess?

No, they can't. Two kings can never get that close to each other, because it would have meant one moved into check on the previous turn, which is not allowed. (The King is never really 'taken', in any case.)

What did kings do for their spare time?

Hunt, play chess, games, tournaments, dance, go to church, meet with other kings.

What is the move called when a king and another king are next to each other in a game of chess?

There is no such move, as it would be illegal. There is no way for two kings to be next to each other, as it would mean putting themselves into check.

What does queen piece in chess symbolize?

The queen in chess is the most powerful piece on the board. It can move any number of spaces it wants in any of the 8 directions. It can capture all other pieces.

Can a rook check a king in chess?

The Rook can , as any piece other than the opposing King , can check a King .

If you are in check in a game of chess can you get out of check by putting the other player in check?

No , your King must be out of check . You can block a check with another piece - that piece in turn can place your opponent's King in check ,

Can a king attack head on in chess?

The King may attack any other chess piece with the exception of the opposing King and can not move into check at any time .

Can you capture the king in chess? ;_; Kings can occupy any square on the board that is not attacked by any enemy piece but can never occupy two next-door squares. This is because the two kings can place each other in check, and one king may take the other. It's also in the rulebook 'When the King is captured, the game is over.'.

How does the knight move in chess?

It goes in a L shape when it moves. It's 2 spaces forward and 1 space to the right or left or other way around.

Can you put a king in checkmate when your king is in check?

In chess, when your king is in check, you need to immediately take it out of check. You can only put the other king in checkmate if it involves taking your king out of check.

In chess when does a stalemate occur?

A stalemate occurs when there is no possible winner. In other words, a deadlock. In chess, it means one of the players cannot move their king without placing it in check.

Can any piece kill any piece in chess?

Kings are checkmated and not captured unlike other pieces. But apart from that, yes, any piece can take any other piece.

How many spaces can a king jump in checkers?

the kings in checkers can jump twice in checkers when the checker piece is on the other side of the board

Has chess ever been played where the two kings don't face each other in the start but begin on opposite sides facing the opposing queen?


What can the king capture?

In chess, a king can capture any other piece except another king. Getting next to a the opposing king puts you in check because it allows your king to be taken first losing the game. Moving next to the opposing queen is the same situation unless the queen moves next to the king as some sort of sacrifice ploy.

In chess can kings be side by side?

Wouldn't be advised to do so ... the player who places his/her king next to the opponents king would immediately lose the game as the opponent's next move would be to capture your king, and thus ending the game.Games where just the two kings remain is usually considered a "draw", or "stalemate".No, the kings cannot ever be side by side. Recall that the game is over (checkmate) when the king cannot move to escape attack (check). By attempting to move a king onto a square adjacent to the other king, this would be moving into check, and the king can never move into check. A move like the one suggested in the question is not a legal move in the game of chess.

What is a check in the game of chess?

When an opponent makes a move that leaves the other's king directly open to being taken on the opponent's next move, that is called 'check'.

Can you kill a king in the game of chess?

Yes and no. If the king is in check then you are in the position to kill it but, the other player must move him out of check. If the king is in checkmate, then you have won the game and the other player can't move.

What is it called when you have only kings left in a chess game?

It's called a stalemate when the only pieces left on the board make it impossible for a checkmate to occur. This can happen when there are only two kings left, but it can also happen when there are two kings and one knight, or two kings and one bishop, and a handful of other cases.

How many spaces can a castle move in chess?

A castle, or rook, can move in a straight line as far as possible as long as it doesn't run into other pieces. It cannot jump over pieces.