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It is possible to use dirt, but not recommended. Sand is preferably used because when you land on it there is a lot of "give" to it to help absorb shock so it is better on your joints. It is less likely to pack down like dirt would do, which causes a harder surface. It would not be good for your knees.

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Look in the yellow pages for Sand and Gravel and ask for washed sand. You can buy it by the cubic yard.

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Q: Can kiln dried sand be used in a long jump pit?
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What is the best kind of sand to use for the long jump?

sandy sand

What is the sand pit called in a long jump?

just that: the sand pit.

What do you need for a long jump?

a sand pit

How long is a sand pit at the Olympics?

Two events in athletics use a sandpit: the long jump, and the triple jump.

What ion in lawn sand kills moss?

Sulphate is the ion in lawn sand that kills moss. Lawn sand may contain ammonium sulphate or iron sulphate. It works as a homemade or store-bought treatment since it just requires equal amounts of sand (kiln-dried block paving sand or silver) and sulphate.

Why long jump athletes made to jump in sand pits?

because it was more easier

Why are the long jump atheletes made to jump in sand pits?

So they land soflty

Why are the long jump athletes made to jump in sand pits?

so you don't hurt your self

What does long jump?

um...sand,legs,body etc.

How is long jump measured?

Long jump is measured from the takeoff line to the closest landing point in the sand pit. The distance is measured in meters from the edge of the takeoff board where the athlete's foot leaves the ground to the mark left by the athlete's nearest body part.

If the sand pit for the long jump is 4.5m times 4m and there is 6m cubed of sand how deep is the sand?

It is about 0.33 m deep.

What does long jump involve?

um...sand,legs,body etc.