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Q: Can jr high girls basketball players wear bobbypins in their hair during a game?
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How many players are in a girls basketball team?

15 Players

Who are the most famous girls basketball players?

Candace Parker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the Australian basketball players name boys and girls?

the boys: you steve have no life

How many players on a girls basketball team?

same amount as boys FIVE

When was the first basketball league for girls launched in the United States?

The first basketball league for girls in the United States was launched in the year 1898. Basketball has been around for many years for girl basketball players.

When did girls basketball change from from 6 on 6 to 5 players in Tennessee?


Best basketball players?

It depends on girls or boys, college, professional, high school, and the year.

What is a sentence for rift?

Because the girls basketball team and the boys basketball team can't decide on which gyms to use, there is a rift between the players.

Is a spalding basketball a girls basketball?

Spalding can be a girls basketball or a guys basketball

What are the minimum and maximum number of players on girls high school basketball team?

the least amout is 6. 5 players and 1 sub

What year did high school girls basketball change from half court to full court from 6 players to 5 players?


Can you wear kneepads for basketball?

Of course you can! Many basketball players - mostly girls and women - wear the knee pads to protect their knees from injury, scrapes and bruises encountered during the game! The game of basketball is fast and rough, so you fall onto the basketball court many times and you may hurt or scrape up your knees!

Do college basketball players get a lot of girls in college?

There not going to get more girls just because they play a sport. If they are worthy and respectfull of the girl then that is a different story.

How many girls are on a basketball team?

This depends on what girls basketball team we are talking about. In the WNBA, there are 11-12 players on a team. In college, around 10-12, and in high school, around 10-15.

How many players are on the red raiders basketball team?

im on the pulaski red raieders and for basket ball there is 10 for girls for

What is the difference in weight between a girls basketball and a boys basketball?

The difference between them is a girls basketball is not as heavy as a boys basketball!

Was basketball made for girls?

It doesn't matter if basketball was made for girls or not. Many girls play it, and nowdays, its as much for girls as it is for boys

How many U9 girls play on the field during a soccer game?

The usual number of girls that play on the field during a U9 soccer game is 6 players.

What is the correct spelling of Girl's Basketball?

it is Girls Basketball ;)

Rules of basketball in 1912 for girls?

how are the rules in girls basketball different fro the ones we have now

What is height of hoop for girls basketball?

The hoop used in girls basketball is a standard 10 foot rim, the same as for boys basketball.

Can college basketball players do special training for kids?

Yes. Women basketball players do a lot of camps and things for kids in the summer, don't expect alot of major players to be showing up teaching your 7 year old how to dribble, however colleges like St. Bens in MN do 2 or 3 basketball camps for girls every summer they also do Volleyball camps.

What has the author Matthew Troy Starr written?

Matthew Troy Starr has written: 'The relationship of conflict styles and team cohesion of high school basketball players' -- subject(s): Basketball, Basketball for girls, Basketball for women, Interpersonal conflict, Interpersonal conflict in adolescence, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Basketball, Psychological aspects of Basketball for girls, Psychological aspects of Basketball for women, Sex differences, Sex differences (Psychology), Teamwork (Sports)

What has the author Joanne Lannin written?

Joanne Lannin has written: 'A history of basketball for girls and women' -- subject(s): Basketball for girls, Basketball for women, Juvenile literature, History 'A History of Basketball for Girls and Women'

Who are the under twelves Seymour blasters players 2011?

The under 12 girls Seymour blasters players are Sarah, Bianca, Mason, Lucy, Ellie, Izzy, Maddie and Nickie and the basketball coach Georgia

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