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yes they can because they live in vans for 2 to 6 days with no water or food and they survive. they could probably jump off of a cliff and survive.

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They cannot because to play a sport in college you have to go to a college, which illegal immigrants cannot do.

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Q: Can illegal immigrants play sports
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What type of sports do Irish immigrants play?

cross country

How many gay illegal immigrants are there?

This statistic isn't measured, but if there are about 12 Million illegal immigrants in the U.S., then there are about 500,000 gay illegal immigrants.

Why do California immigrants not pay taxes?

Illegal immigrants are not paying taxes because they think they dont need to,also because they are ILLEGAL immigrants so they dont what people to find out that they are illegal immigrants!

What percent of immigrants are illegal?

The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S was estimated at 11.5% in 2011.

Why did the Dream Act Bill for illegal immigrants fail to pass in the Senate?

Illegal immigrants should not have a dream! They are illegal and should not be here!

What are two things the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act accomplished?

it penalized employers who hired illegal immigrants

How many illegal immigrants in australia?

The Australian Population is mainly filled with illegal immigrants. To calculate the non-illegal immigrants you must take into consideration the population of Aboriginals from the population of Australia.

What stops illegal immigrants?

Borders are put in place to help stop the illegal immigrants from entering other countries.

Why do people treat illegal immigrants like if they were criminals?

Some people view illegal immigration as breaking the law, which is why they may treat illegal immigrants as criminals. There is also a belief that illegal immigrants are taking jobs and resources away from citizens, leading to negative perceptions. Additionally, there can be fear and misinformation surrounding immigration, further fueling negative attitudes towards illegal immigrants.

How can the average citizen find if a Mexican family is illegal immigrants?

Ask the Mexican Family face to face. "Are you illegal immigrants?".

Are the people from Mexico are illegal immigrants to the United States?

Only if they don't have a green card, but Mexicans are not the only illegal immigrants

Are immigrants criminals?

Illegal immigrants are criminals under U.S law.