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of course not! that would make you look foolish!

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Q: Can i wear white socks with black shoes?
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How do you dress like Elvis?

wear black jackets and jeans and wear black and white striped shirts and wear white socks and black shoes

Your mate is wearing white socks with his black leather shoes is he gay?

No gay man in their right mind would wear white socks with black leather shoes. Straight men are much more likely to do that sort of thing.

What did evacuee wear?

girls wore: Black, grey or cream skirt white polo shirt Grey, black or white long socks cardigan Black shoes

What does Matilda atually wear out of roald doalh?

a blue dress, white socks black shoes and a hairband or ribbon

Why girls dont wear white socks and black shoes during prom?

It would not go with there out fit and would not go.

What length socks should men wear with their black gym shoes?

Crew length socks.

Are black shoes appropriate with black slacks?

yes but only if you wear black socks too.

What shoes do Geishas were?

Geisha wear shoes called zori with white socks that are called tabi.

What tomboy would wear to school with red black and white shoes?

I'm 10 years old and I wear black jeans with a red and white shirt also elite socks that match everything I'm wearing.

What is wrong with white socks and white sneakers?

It truly depends on the socks and the shoes. Say if you were to wear a pair or converse shoes [not high tops] with a pair or white trainer liners, there is nothing wrong with that. As a basic rule, I think it looks best to wear thin/low socks with thin and low shoes and thicker socks should be worn with trainers etc.

Is it tacky to wear black socks with brown shoes?

yes very very

What did boys and girls wear in world war 2?

The boys in ww2 wore brown shorts, a green coloured hat, black or brown shoes, a short sleeve top and short ,white socks. The girls used to wear a green or brown dress, black or brown shoes, a browny green jacket a hat with a logo on it and short, white socks.