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Q: Can i play college basketball if i have bad grades?
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Can you play college sports with bad grades?

yes college students should have to get good grades in order to play sports. they could be the best player on the team but school comes first. you should at least have a B in order to play on the team.

In which movie does a basketball coach bench his undefeated team for bad grades?

Coach Carter

What is the percentage of kids that play a sport and get bad grades?

42% of students play sports.

What college did Dustin Hoffman the actor attend?

Santa Monica City College. He dropped out due to bad grades.

Should students need to get good grades to play school sports?

yes because if you focus on sports you will get bad grades but if you really want to play you'd get good and and be able to play

IDid bad in high school but you want to become a lawyer. What steps should i take?

Get really good grades in college. High school will not matter as much as the college grades to get into law school.

Should you go to a Community College before college?

It isn't necesssary, but if you had bad grades in high school, then it will benefit you. The college will see you as serious about an education if you went to a few classes and got good grades at college level. So all of this depends on your GPA and the requirement for your college of choice.

Should students with bad grades play sports?

As long as they like the sport.

What are facts about playing sports with bad grades?

. you can't play unless you have a 3.0 or higher . try to get good grades

Is it bad sportsmanship to play a fullcourt press defense in youth basketball?

no no

Can seniors play JV basketball in Ohio?

Yes, if they suck that bad.

How many Mexicans play basketball?

Bad Question: Its impossible to say!

Can monkeys play basketball?

They could. They would defiantly be bad though

If you get good grades in 12th grade but bad ones the years before is it possible to get into a good college?

College entry is not solely based on academic performance. It is taken into consideration along with other parts of the application process. ACT and SAT scores play an important role into college admissions.

What grades did chad johnson get?

bad grades.

What do I do if in high school I got bad grades but joined the military and grew up. Now I want to get get my PharmD to be a pharmacist. What are the steps I should take?

Your high school grades have nothing to do with getting into pharmacy school...only your college grades. If you're worried about getting into college, then start out at a community college (which would be cheaper), take all the general education classes for a year then transfer to a 4 year college.

Does iPod playing after school affect school grades?

Not really, but to some people they play bad games on the I pod and then do bad things in school.

How do you get into pro basketball?

First of all you have to be good, if you are poor and you never practice them forget about it. Ok if you are good, depending on your age, make sure you get into a good college, with a good rep. inn basketball. If their team usually is bad they are not going to have many scouts come to watch them play are they?

How do you play basketball beter?

Practice over and over and over and no matter how bad you are you will get good

How do you say i made bad grades in spanish?

Made bad grades is literally hacer malas notas but i believe the proper phrase is sacar malas notas which translates to "to get bad grades"

What are Adam Young's grades?

This information is not open to the public, but he has stated that he was very bad at math and hated it. He was also put on a college probation list due to poor grades before going into music.

How do I get into college with bad grades?

Do extra-curricular activities and help your local community colleges will look at these and see that you are a good kid looking for education which should be what you want to go to college for.

Can you get into college with bad grades?

i honestly do not know, but...if you try really hard, and do as best as you can, and let everyone see that...then you might have a better chance... ---- yes, you can 1st you go to a community college, get good grades there and then you can transfer into a better school and show them that you've changed and are serious now. My sisters were the worst. They got suspended, expelled, got F's and now they're in college. You've just got to get good grades in a community college and transfer.

Summary of the treasure of lemon brown?

Read the story:) Greg has bad grades, so his dad won't let him be on the basketball team,etc.

You got bad grades in 9th grade if you do good your sophomore junior and senior year could you make it into an ivy league college?


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