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Yes and no, if you do not have a 'full' corrective surgery ,thoracic and lumbar, than you are able to regain all mobility and flexibility, thus able to play sports. If you do have the rods put throughout the length of your spine you will likely never to be able to play sports to the extent of when you did not have surgery.

If you did not have (or plan getting) surgery you should be able to do whatever you want depending on the severity of your curve (1 degree-50 degrees should have no effect on your mobility/flexibility/or bodily functions).

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It depends on how severe it is. My sister bowled for years but as she got older it began to cause her pain in her hips because they weren't aligned properly due to the scoliosis. I think I'd check with my doctor first if I were you.

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Q: Can i play Golf with scoliosis?
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