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Q: Can i know the starting time of the x games?
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What time does the x games start?

What time will the 2009 summer x games start?

Professional sports starting with the letter x?

I'm not if it is a professional sport or not, but X-games??

When is the next X's games?

they have not made an actual date for the X games 17 yet but it is in february some time.

Words starting with letter x?

'Xenophobia' 'Xylophone' 'X-ray' 'Xmas' That's all I know.

From where you can play microphone games?

I Know some microphone games here is a list that i know: Lips Pop idol X Factor

How do you restart nintindogs?

just as the games starting hold A,B,X,Y,R and L

How do you know how much time something took if you know its speed and distance?

time=distance x speed. to find speed, it is speed=distance/time distance=speed x time.

What is represented by an x-intercept on a position time graph?

In such graphs the x-axis is usually (but not always) the time axis. The x-intercept represents the time(s) at which your position is at the starting point - either for the first time or later.

Which X-Games athlete has won the most gold medals?

Which X-Games athlete has won the most gold medals - all time?

What time aere the 2009 winter x-games?

Winter X Games XIII were held from January 22 to January 25, 2009, in Aspen, Colorado. They were the 8th consecutive Winter X Games to be held in Aspen. The events were broadcast on ESPN and ABC. The 13th games introduced the X Games' current theme song: a remix of Peter Gabriel's "Games Without Frontiers" featuring Lord Jamar. Now I'm assuming that you meant: "What time are 2009 Winter X-Games?"

How can you calculate the distance traveled if we know rate and time?

Multiply the quantities you know. Distance = (rate) x (time)

Does Ryan sheckler compete in the x-games?

I know for sure that he competed 4 times in the x games (he won gold medals in 2). The last time i know he competed was in the x games 14 and he won 1st place..but idk if he has competed more times than the 4 i know.. Gold medal- 2003 4th place - 2005 silver medal - 2006 4th place - 2007 the other gold medal i don't remember the year.. hope this helps :D

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