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Though it might seem like playing Basketball helps you grow taller since most basketball players are tall, that is not the case.

Playing basketball does not affect your height any more then any other sport activity.

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Q: Can i grow my height by playing basketball?
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Can i grow my hide by playing basketball?

yes, u can grow your height by playing basketball. mostly, u must have seen people who play basketball are tall and fit. this is because basketball includes jumps.

How do you increase your height after 17?

By playing basketball

Does playing basketball increase height?

I think that playing sports/exercising will increase your height, or growth. Playing basketball requires you to run around, or even jump to score a basket which is a positive thing that may help you grow. I mean it doesn't help you increase your height from 5 ft tall to 6, but it does help you little by little.

Does really basketball increase the height after playing?


What are the advantage or disadvantage in basketball?

advantage-it helps to grow our height

Why does playing basketball increase your height?

Because basketball requires a lot of jumping, and jumping helps stimulate growth.

I am 5'8 in height and want to grow to 5'10 or 6' Tell you how to attain it?

You could play basketball it makes your height taller.

What kind of basketball did Evan turner grow playing?

Street ball

Why do basketball players grow so tall?

it's not basketball players being tall, it's tall people playing basketball

The height of seventh grade basketball hoop?

7th graders should be shooting/playing on a hoop of standard height. Which is 10 feet.

Which is world's best height growth medicine?

It has been proved that swimming, eating fruits like bananas and playing sports like netball and basketball help you grow, but it mostly down to genes.

Did the height of basketball hoop change?

No it did not change. The Height Of A Basketball hoop is 10ft.

What is the average height of a basketball player?

== == The average height of a basketball player is 6'6.

Height of regulation basketball hoop?

The regulation height for a basketball hoop is 10ft

What is a standard basketball rim height?

10 feet from the top of the rim to the playing floor directly below.

Do you need skills or height to play basketball?

you mainly need skills to play basketball although height is nice to dunk. sombody who is average height but has a lot of skillage can whoop sombody with height like shaq. also swagger is very important for playing basketball, if you dont have any swagger than u cant win anything.

What is the height of a basketball gym?

The height can vary.

How high is the basketball rim?

Height of a Basketball RimThe official amateur, professional, and international rim height is ten feet (120") above the playing floor to the top of the rim.Unofficially, it can be set at any height that is wanted, to achieve a desired utility for the participant(s).

Do height grow after 19 for boys?

Absolutely yes and depends, men grow until 21-22, in fact i heard about a basketball player( can't remember who) who increased his height in 29cm from 19's to 21's (1.73 cm before: 202 cm after), also swimming, volleyball and basketball can help to increase your height!! or stretching exercises.

What are the advantages of playing basketball?

Playing basketball will NOT increase your height, but it does have advantages:you learn to be coordinatedyou learn to communicate with others effectivelyyou learn to obey your team leadersyou learn to work as a teamyou learn how to win and lose maturely

How can your hair grow longer and faster?

eat healthy and properly.swimming is good for increasing height .play basketball every day

How tall do you have to be to play basketball?

There is no height requirement for basketball.

What is the height of the basketball rim?

the basketball heightis Harvey

What is the best thing to do to grow?

Playing basketball,doing streches,consuming lots of proteins. But finally its in your genes..

What is the height of youth basketball hoop?

The height of any basketball hoop size will always be 10 feet