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you can change it but you have to get either a shaft that already is compatible with the str8-fit or someone to install the shaft into the str8-fit ending.

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Q: Can i change the shaft on my Nike Sasquatch Machspeed driver if so how?
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How long does it take to change a cv shaft on a 1997 ford probe?

20 minutes if you know what your doing. i just watched my buddy change my driver side shaft in my driveway in just under 20 minutes.

How do you reduce backspin when using your driver?

You clearly don't want backspin with a driver, so the best way to change this is to either look at a lower loft or possibly a new shaft.

What does the intermediate shaft do?

The intermediate shaft is the shaft going to the driver side wheel from the tranny. The shaft is suppose to eliminate what you call torque steer, It comes straight from the tranny and bolts to the engine block with a bearing race to hold the shaft and at that brace is where the half shaft, or drive shaft connects to the intermediate shaft and to the driver side hub.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1991 dodge b250 van?

Driver side tail shaft of the transmission.Driver side tail shaft of the transmission.

What driver shaft does Tiger Woods have?

Apparently it is a Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard 83 gram shaft.

What is the different between a fairwood shaft and a driver shaft?

The main difference is length, and sometimes weight.

What is the Optimum lenght for shaft on driver?


What is reverse shaft?

A Reverse Shaft is the shaft which rotates in the opposite direction of the engine driver shaft with the help of meshing of gears mounted on it to the gears mounted on engine driver shaft when reverse gear is applied. The reverse shaft allows the vehicle to move in reverse direction. Sanjay Singh Rathore (ME 3rd year) M.I.T.Mandsaur

What is the standard shaft length for a driver?

45 inches

What length should the golf club driver shaft be on a driver?

There is no set length as it needs to be relative to your height.

How do you change steering shaft in 1990 Jeep wrangler?

How do you change the steering shaft in a 1990 Jeep Wrangler?

What is the standard shft length for a driver?

Most driver shafts are about 46 inches, but they can be shorter or longer. Some players use 44 inch shafts for accuracy and other use a 48 inch shaft for distance. 48 inches is the maximum length for a driver shaft.

How long will a golf driver shaft last?

7" on average.

What is more important in a golf club the shaft or club head?

Great question. If you are referring to a driver them the shaft is as important as the club head. You need to marry a shaft with the correct flex, kick point and also a driver head with a good loft for you or you will be very inconsistent and not get the best distance or flight that you should.

Can a regular flex shaft cause a slice?

Yes because depending on your swing speed the shaft can be too flexed at impact which causes the face and shaft of ur driver to be open. A faster swing speed needs an x stiff shaft

How will adding 1 inch to a driver shaft with an extension effect performance vs pre-made 1 inch longer?

In theory the driver will hit the ball farther, but it will be harder to control. Also the shaft will be slightly more flexible.

Is a flex shaft driver better for beginners?

For beginners I would recommend a regular shaft in your driver, these are aimed at golfers with slower swing speeds, as you progress through the game you may want to go to stiff or even extra stiff.

Can you glue your golf shaft on with super glue?

Yes you can as long as you never change your shaft again.

How does a car drive shaft operation?

when the car engine is start and the driver shift a gear,the power front the engine transfer to the drive shaft and its transfer the torque or power to the axle shaft the move a wheel.

Most popular driver flex on PGA tour?

The most popular driver flex on the pga tour would be an X flex shaft . For high swing speeds. And a weighting of anywhere between 66 to 90 gram shaft roughly.

Got a 80 mph swing what driver shaft do you need?

You should probably use a regular shaft because that is quite a moderate swing speed.

Can you change bent shaft on a 6.5hp Briggs?

Yes you can but you have to buy a whole new shaft.

How do you change a Fiat Doblo drive shaft?

how to remove a drive shaft on a fiat doblo

What is the lightest golf driver HEAD?

The lightest driver head in golf is the Vulcan Speedlite V14 driver, weighing in at 185 grams. With the 40 gram grip, and 45 gram shaft, the whole driver weighs 270 grams. The Cleveland XL 270 also weighs 270 grams, but most of it's weight saving is due to it's 39 gram shaft.

What is the difference between a regulsr driver shaft than a stiff driver shaft?

The easiest way to describe it is that the regular shaft is more flexible than the stiff one. The stiffer the shaft the quicker the swing speed needs to be to get the best from it. Also, stiffer shafts allow the ball to be hit farther, which is an exciting prospect for many amateurs but if someone with a slower swing hits a stiff shaft they will always hit low blocks instead of a nice high straight shot which they could with a regular.