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If you mean straight from high school then no.

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Q: Can high school graduates play in the NFL?
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Can you play for the NFL straight out of high school?

No. The NFL requires that you be out of high school for at least three years before you are eligible for the draft.

How many NFL players didn't play high school football?


Do you have to graduate from college to play in the NFL?

Absolutely not. Many of the players are not college graduates.

Do you need a high school diploma to play in the NFL?

The NFL does not have specific education requirements. While the normal progression is to complete high school and play college football for 3 or 4 years, there is no requirement that you actually graduate.

How do you get in the NFL?

Play football through high school, get into a big name college, play well, and hopefully get drafted.

Did Brett Favre's father play in the NFL?

No he did not. He coached Brett's High School Varsity team.

How must NFL players introduce themselves in pre-game if they are not college graduates?

They don't- they pay their agents to do it for them. They state their name and high school name, city and state.

Can you get drafted out of high school in football?

No, to prove to the nfl scouts that you can play football at that level. You must first prove to them you can play at the next level after high school which is college. if you show them your good at the college level them you show might think good at the nfl level.

Why cant football players go stright to the nfl out of highschool?

Because high school players are nowhere near ready to play in the NFL.

What kind of education is needed to play in the NFL?

Answer: you need a high school education, and maybe a degree in football

How can you get a NFL football try out?

Just play through high school, get into a big name college, play well there, and do well in the combine.

How do you get into the NFL?

Play football through high school, get into a big name college, play well and get good grades, and hopefully get drafted.

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