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Q: Can going to gym affect height?
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Related questions

Could i increase the height going to gym i am 20 and my hight is 5.3 i wana be 5.10?

No. going to the gym will not affect your height.

Could i increase the height going to gym i am 20 and my height is 5.3 i wana be 5.10?

as long as u dont go to the gym day after day and give ur body time to rest after each work out it will not affect your height when growing up.

Does going to gym stop growth of height?

No, it shouldn't.

Does going to the gym and lifting weights stop height growth?


If person who is less then18 go to the gym does it effect the height of that person?

Umm... No. Age has absolutely nothing to do with height. If you drank a few pots of coffee before going to the gym,...maybe.

Does the height of a ramp affect a toy car's speed going down it?

Yes. The height of the ramp does affect the speed going down it the higher the ramp the faster the car goes down it

What is the height of a basketball gym?

The height can vary.

Does changing the height of a ramp affect the speed of the car going down the ramp?

Changing the slope of the ramp will affect the speed of the vehicle going down it.

What is the maximum ceiling height of an indoor gym?

There is no maximum height

What is the standard clear height from floor surface to structure or scoreboard in a basketball gym?

What is standard height of high school gym scoreboard

Does changing the height of the ramp affect the speed of the toy car going down the ramp?


How does height affect distance?

Height does not affect distance.

Does working out at gym reduce height?


Why our height don't grow after join gym or do push ups like exercises?

Gym can add up to 2 inches of height...its practical dude

Does martial arts make you taller?

No, physical activity is not going to have any sort of major affect on height. It can greatly affect one's build, which can give you the appearance of being healthier and taller, but your height is determined by genetics.

Will going to the gym make you shorter?

No. DNA determines how tall you are. Going to the gym will not make you shorter.

What is the Height of a school gym?

how should we know

Which factors can affect the person's height?

what factors can affect a persons height

How does height affect the period of a pendulum?

Height does not affect the period of a pendulum.

It is said that joining a gym will stop the height of a 19 yr old boyhow true is this advice?

joining gym will not stop your height in fact your height will increase but remember dont pick up too much weight at your shoulders.chin up sets are good for height

What is the height of a mare?

The sex of a horse does not affect the height so much as genetics and breed affect the height of a horse. Mares can be any height.

You are 22 years and your wife is 34.i m go to gym 5 days a week.From last one week i started many time you have to sex?

Sex and going to the gym have nothing to do with each other. Going to the gym should make you healthier so you should be able to have sex more often and longer if you have the energy. If you feel like having sex, have it. It is not going to affect you workout in any way.

How do you get big biceps without going to the gym?

bring the gym to you.

How can you lose weight with out going to the gym?

exercise outside of gym

How does gravity affect a person's height or stature?

Does gravity affect a person's height and why?