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Q: Can free agents be signed during the NBA playoffs?
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What happens to players not drafted in the NFL?

they become free agents and they can get signed by someone

Are undrafted free agents actually on the team?

If they are signed and make the cut after preseason, yes.

What free agents signed with the St. Louis Rams for 2010?

The Rams signed 6 free agents in 2010: Na'il Diggs, LB Kevin Dockery, CB A.J. Feeley, QB Hank Fraley, G Darcy Johnson, TE Fred Robbins, DT

How can you find out who the Denver Broncos signed in 1976 as free agents?

It's a trick question. In 1976 there was no such thing as a free agent. The term and system for free agency only came into use once the Collective Bargaining Agreement was signed. In 1976, there was no Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Are NFL free agents going to be able to be signed by an NFL team in 2011?

At some point they will be, once the league's labor controversy is settled.

What is the duration of Free Agents?

The duration of Free Agents is 1320.0 seconds.

When was Free Agents created?

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When did Free Agents end?

Free Agents ended on 2009-03-20.

What are the release dates for Free Agents - 2011?

Free Agents - 2011 was released on: USA: 2011

Are teams permitted to add players to their rosters during the playoffs?

Most leauges have a cutoff date of eligibility. For example, Major league Baseball players must be on their team's roster by September 1st in order to be considered for the playoffs. Players added after that date would only be eligible in case of a rash of injuries, which of course no one would wish for.

When was Free Agents - U.S TV series - created?

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