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No they do not make your breasts smaller or larger.

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Q: Can exercises make your breasts smaller?
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What kind of exercises make breasts smaller?

You can't make your breasts smaller with anything but a deduction surgery. Sorry.

What are some exercises for smaller breasts?

There are no specific exercises for reducing the breast size. Overall weight loss of body fat, which the breasts contain mostly fatty tissue, could aid in smaller breasts.

Are there any drugs creams or exercises to make your breasts smaller?

push up will tone up your breast bone and lift them

What easy exercises can you do to make your legs smaller?

The easy exercises that you can do to make your legs smaller is jogging.

What fitness exercises help breasts grow or get bigger?

Physical fitness routines will not enhance breast size. You can do pectoral muscle exercises and increase the muscle tone, which will make the breasts perkier, though. No, you will not obtain larger breasts by exercising. You will, however, lose breast tissue through fat burning, so if anything it would make them smaller. There is no exercise to make breasts bigger! Breats are mostly fat! Gain weight and your breasts will get bigger, loose weight and they will get smaller.

Will vomiting make your breasts smaller?


Can you make your breasts smaller by putting lotion on them?

Lol, No you can not make your breasts smaller by putting lotion on them. :P But, You can get a breast reduction. :]

If a girl sleeps on her breast will it make them smaller?

No. Sleeping on your breasts will not make them smaller.

What foods and exercises can you do and eat to make your breasts bigger?

twisslers is essential

How do you make your breasts smaller?

lose weight

Does sleeping or laying on your breasts make them smaller?

No i am pretty shore it docent make them smaller.

What can make your breasts smaller?

Nothing specifically as such. However, losing weight may make them smaller because breasts are largely made of fatty tissue.

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