Can every nfl team go 8-8?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Yes, but they would have some crazy method of tie-breaking though.

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Q: Can every nfl team go 8-8?
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How do you go to the NFL?

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Could this running back go to the NFL?

Well, it depends on the running backs abilities. Every NFL team looks for different traits in their players. Some of the most looked for by not only the NFL, but every team, are a good work ethic, strength, power, and speed. So, if this running back is good in most, or all, of these fields, then hopefully he will have a chance in the NFL.

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Could NFL teams all have the same record at one point in the regular season?

Of course, every team could go 8-8!

What NFL football team did ian Johnson go to?

He was on the Minnesota Vikings practice team

What school do the New York Jets football team go to?

None, they are an nfl team not a college team.

What nfl team did darron thomas go to?

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