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Your driving licence cannot be endorsed for drunk cycling.

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Q: Can drunk cycling affect your UK driving license?
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Can a drunk in public offense have affect your driver license?

Only if driving

How would a drink driving conviction affect a personal license?

Drunk driving convictions usually result in the suspension of a personal drivers license. The length of the suspension varies from state to state.

Can you lose your driver's license for drunk driving?


How long is your driving license stamped for after been caught drunk driving in Republic of Ireland?

You will have your license revoked for 1 year.

Is it Mandatory license revocation is effective against drunk driving true or false?


What are the charges for driving drunk?

Loss or suspension of your drivers license:

What are two basic definitions of drunk driving?

driving drunk drunk driving

Should people who are caught driving drunk lose their license for a year. Defend your opinion?

yes they should

How much is the cost for drunk driving?

maybe your life, your friends your license your future who knows? it depends on what state ur in.

What is DUR and if you are a multiple offender what are the consequences?

DUR means Driving Under Restraint, it applies when someone drives with a suspended license, drunk, without possession of a license, minor driver's license so on.

How do you use a topic sentence for drunk driving?

Drunk driving

What does the letter w mean in Louisiana license tags?

The letter W on a Louisiana license plate simply means that the person driving the vehicle has been arrested for drunk driving in the past. The W allows other drivers to be cautious while driving near the offender.