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Any sport can relieve stress. Playing a sport or doing something active can easily relieve stress because you'r in a state of a physical activity.

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Q: Can dodgeball relieve stress
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Do you say relieve stress or release stress?

relieve stress

How do dreams relieve stress?

Dreams help relieve stress by helping relieve the pressure that comes along.

Do certain colors relieve stress?

Green and blue are calming colors that can relieve stress.

What is the best way to relieve stress?

Exercise is a good way to relieve stress.Daily meditation is a good and effective way to manage stress and relieve stress. There are different types of meditation. Most of them are free and you can find them online.Another good way to relieve stress is to talk about it to someone.

Can baking relieve stress?

Yes sometimes baking can relieve stress. It is because if you love that task it will. Doing the task you love releases stress instantly.

Why you cry?

You cry to relieve stress

Does laughing relieve stress?


How do Chinese relieve stress?


Can gum help relieve stress?

yes it can scientist have found that in the military they Chew gum to relieve stress so that they can focus.

How does dark chocolate help to relieve stress?

The antioxidant and aromas found in dark chocolate have been known to help relieve stress.

How do you relieve stres?

You can relieve stress in different ways that include listening to relaxing music. Each person deals with stress differently and the ways to relieve stress can include drinking tea, soaking in a warm bath, squeezing a stress ball, and deep breathing exercises.

Why is it important to relieve stress?

Secret. :P

Why should you use profanity?

to relieve stress..

Basketball relieve stress?

It can for some people.

Does your hobby help you to get relief from your stress?

yes doing what you love can relieve his or her stress

Does excitement relieve stress?

Stress will only be relived for a stretch of time if you are excited

What are three ways to relieve work stress?

There are many things one can do to relieve work stress. Some ways of relieving work stress is listening to music, exercising, and hanging out with friends.

What is the definition of stress management?

The definition of stress management is to control stress. Good stress management provides a healthy way to relieve stress.

Does sucking on candy canes relieve stress?

That depends?

What did Mildred do at times to relieve stress?

blabla bantot

How does fish aquariums relieve stress?

because they just do.

How i can wear girls cloth but I am a boy?

To relieve Stress

Do bananas relieve stress?

No way wish it could be

Does volleyball relieve stress?

It kinda depends on the person.

What do pets do for humans?

Waste their money and relieve stress