Can defender goal in f00tball

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Any player, including defenders and goalkeepers, can score a goal in a game of football (soccer).

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Q: Can defender goal in f00tball
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How do you score a goal that a defender scores in their own goal?

shoot the ball at the defender but the ball has to continue going to the is an own goal by a defender

What happens if a defender kicks the ball over the goal line but not through the goal?

if a defender kicks it over the line where their goal it is a corner

In soccer is a goal keeper considered a defender when the keeper comes out of the box?

The goal keeper is always considered a defender, if he is in or out of the penalty area.

What is the defender supposed to do in a game of football?

a defender stops the ball from going into the goal the defender stand in front of the goalkeeper and tackles

Defender back passes to keeper?

If a defender passes the ball with his feet to the goal keeper, the goal keeper may not touch the ball with their hands.

Can you score a Goal from goal kick by a defender?

A goal may be scored against the opponents directly from a goal kick.

Who may take a goal kick?

Any defender may take a goal kick.

Is it a goal if there is a shot and it deflects off the defenders hand and into the goal?

If the ball hits a defender's hand and goes into the goal then a goal is awarded.If, in the opinion of the referee, it was done deliberately then the defender would be cautioned. A send off would not be warranted because a goal scoring opportunity was not denied.

Which player is a defender?

The defender usually depends on the sport. In soccer (football) the defender is the one that protects the goal. I don't know much about football (American Football)

What is a header off the line?

The ball is heading towards the goal, a defender on the goal line heads it away.

Who is the highest goal scoring defender in the English premiership?

john terry

When the attacker hits the ball from outside circle and the ball is touched by the defender and it went through the goal post is it goal are not?

If the defender is inside the "D", then yes, it is a goal. This is a new ruling for this season that may subsequently be reversed after review. Who knows what that decision will be?

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