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Q: Can college athletes be in tv commercials?
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Can college athletes be on television shows?


Who is the actress in the Everest College television commercial?

There are a lot of Everest College commercials, so you would need to be more specific. Also, the people on the commercials are not supposed to be actors, they are supposed to be students or alumni.

Are Lincoln tech credits transferable to a college?

No, the state it in a small print on their documents and also in tv commercials

Who is the graduate in the Everest College television commercial?

All Everest commercials feature real graduates. Their names are not publicly known since Everest doesn't have the list of students who appeared in their commercials.

How has Reebok used famous sports figures in its marketing?

They have placed them in television and print commercials for one and have also endorsed them out in the playing field so the athletes are seen wearing their shoes.

Did dr alison tendler do television commercials for Brown college minnesota perhaps while she was in medical school?

She is a real eye Dr

Can you legally make a video of TV commercials and sell it?

No. Commercials are copyrighted materials.

Did Elvis have any commercials?

During Elvis' career, he never did any TV commercials.

Does TV FX channel have commercials?

Yes every channel has commercials but if its a movie or something than they don't have as much commercials but they still do have some.

What's the best pluming contractors commercial you've seen on tv?

One of the best plumbing conractors commercials on television would probably be the Roto Rooter commercials. They have great commercials.

Product ads - examples?

TV commercials,radio commercials (magazine, newspaper) and mail ads.etc.

Who is the voice over on am pm tv commercials?

Billy Vera does the voice overs for the AM/PM commercials