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well you can do anything you want. first of all both feet have to be in the batters box while making contact with the ball. if your foot is on home plate while making contact with the ball you are out!!

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No, but he still must touch home plate. The runners and batter are not "automatically in"when an "out-of-the-park"home run is hit. The runs aren't scored until each crosses home.

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Q: Can batter touch home plate when swinging at a pitch ball?
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How do you score a gran slam if the batter is called out for failing to touch home plate?

3 rbi triple

Batter gets hit by pitch but doesnt move?

If the runner is attempting to touch home plate, I would not call the runner out for incidental contact by his teammates. However, if they would, for example, carry him off the field and he never attempts to touch home plate, I would call him out when he reaches the dugout area.

Where do tectonic plate touch?

continental plate

What happens if you do not touch home plate after hitting a home run?

He's out. Missing any plate is an out. If the bases were loaded and the man on 2nd missed the plate you would only score a point for the man on 3rd (assuming he hits the plate). There would be one out if everyone made it to the home plate, but the man on 2nd, 1st and batter would not get runs.

If a runner doesnt touch home plate and enters the dug out is he out?

Yes if a runner doesn't touch home plate and enters the dugout an Umpire can call him out the second he leaves the dirt surrounding the area of the home plate and the two batter's boxes however Major League Umpires may not opt to declare a runner out even if he missed home plate unless the opposing team appeals the call or tags the runner.

Must a runners hand touch the plate when he slides into home?

No. Any part of the runners body may touch the plate.

How are points scored in softball?

After the batter has successfully hit the ball with the bat in fair territory she must be able to touch all bases with out being put out and successfully reach home plate (not necessarily rounding all the base with one hit). A success touch the home plate is a score or known as a run in softball or baseball

When a walk off home run is hit does the hitter still have to touch all bases?

It depends, the other runners can all score once the batter touches first base. if they all touch home than 3 runs are scored regardless of what the batter does next. So as long as the winning run crosses the plate the game is over. If the batter stops at first he is credited with a single, and in this case 3 RBIs

What is a base runners successful advance from one base to the next on his own?

strikers zone

Does batter need to touch first when hit by pitch if it forces in winning run?

Ball is dead, and the umpire can not resume play until all runners are at their bases, so even an appeal would be hard to do.

How do you score the game baseball?

When you touch the plate. That is a called a run.

In baseball what is a bak?

The word is balk. In baseball, the offensive players do not need to stand on the base. They can stand off the base. When the pitcher has the ball, he is allowed to throw it to a teammate and the teammate can touch the opponent not on base with the ball. The opponent will be out and will leave the playing field. The pitcher can face the batter and then turn around and throw the ball to a teammate. The purpose of the pitcher is to throw the ball across home plate so the batter can hit it or not hit it. At some point the pitcher has to pitch the ball to the batter. The pitcher has to make some sort of a motion and then pitch the ball. If he makes the wrong kind of motion it is called a balk. It counts as a ball on the batter and a player on base gets to go to the next base. A lot of people in the audience can not tell when the pitcher has committed a balk.