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Q: Can baseball players get drafted from high school?
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How many high school baseball players were drafted in the 2010 major league baseball draft?


How many NH high school division 3 baseball players were drafted by colleges?


Do you need to go to collage to play baseball?

No. Attending college is not a requirement. Players are drafted from both high school and college. Some players drafted in high school choose to attend college in an effort to get into a lower draft round. Typically, the lower the draft round, the more money the player makes. Also, some players not drafted in high school attend college in hopes of being drafted.

Should high school players be drafted into the pros?


How many kids get drafted to a pro sport out of high school?

None. Players can't get drafted out of high school. THey have to go to college for 3 years before they can get drafted.

What high school players were drafted straight out of high school into the NFL?

As of 2014, there has never been a high school football player to be drafted into the NFL. The NFL only drafts players that have been out of high school for 3 years or longer.

List of high school baseball players drafted in 2009 draft?

That can be found at

What high school basketball players not drafted into the nba?

All that are not in the NBA

What is the percentage of high school baseball players that get drafted and sign make Major League Baseball?

I've heard that it's about 4% of those who both get drafted and make the rookie league squad.

How Do They Find Basketball Players?

they come to your collage school and/or your high school and if u get noticed you will get drafted into the NBA

How many players can you have on a high school baseball team?

six players are on a baseball team

When can a player get drafted for Major League Baseball?

A player can be drafted to the Major Leagues after he completes high school.

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