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It can but it is gennerally not done. Last year (2009) in the World Series there were several delayed games due to rain.

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Q: Can baseball be played in the rain?
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What happens when a baseball game is postponed due to rain?

It is played at a later date.

Why does a major league baseball game get stopped for rain when a pro football game in the same weather does not?

Because the field will get messed up if the rain pools onto it and football is just regular grass. baseball fields are made of a special type of dirt that can be ruined if played on in the rain

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When a baseball game is suspended because of rain and only 4 innings have been played?

It would be postponed. Only counts if 5 innings complete are played.

Who used rain sticks?

Rain sticks are played in Brazil.

If a baseball game is stopped due to rain in the top of an inning can it be an official game?

Yes, if five or more innings have been played..

Has there ever been a rain delay at a baseball game?

There have been 10's of thousands of baseball games delayed by rain.

Can soccer be played in rain?

of course.

If a baseball game is stopped due to rain delay do they restart from the beginning?

Following a rain delay the baseball game continues from the point at which the delay was initiated.

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