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As long as it is the correct weight, width, height, and it in good condition to throw (meaning the grip is intact and the tip is rubber), you can throw your own javelin.

Along with other throwing implements in the throwing events.

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Q: Can athletes use their own javelins at the Olympics?
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How heavy is are the javelins that they use in the Olympics?


What special equipment do the athletes use in the Olympics?

wiered helmets, body padding, and leg padding.

What weapons did Athens use?

Spears, swords, javelins, bows.

What do the athletes where in the Modern Olympic games?

Well the modern olympics was very unusuall. They either use to run in armour or fully naked.

What weapons did ancient Persians use?

Spears, bows, javelins, swords and slings.

Athletes whose first name start with an U?

Usain Bolt, winner in the Olympics. Worlds Fastest man

What weapons did the ancient Persian army use?

They used spears, bows, javelins and slings.

What type of weapons did ancient Persians use?

They used spears, bows, javelins, swords, and slings.

What do people use in fencing Olympics?

Three weapons are used in Olympic Fencing, the foil, sabre and épée. Athletes also use protective clothing. All the details are shown on the related link.

How did Hitler use the 1936 Olympics to promote his Nazi Party?

he used the olympics as propaganda so everyone could see(tourists) which made his popularity go up they had the german athletes full-time whilst everyone else was amateurs

What are the requirements for an athlete to receive athletic training at the Olympic Training Center?

There are three Olympic training centers: Chula Vista, Lake Placid and Colorado Springs. Each one specializing in specific areas. Athletes who are preparing for competition in the Olympics use these facilities; they are not open to the public. Olympic athletes in any sport are chosen by a series of qualifying events. Some athletes live at the training centers; other visit periodically, either on their own or with their teams.

Why shouldn't athletes be using steroids?

First of all it would give an unfair advantage to the players who use the steroids, and it would encourage everyone to use them in order to "keep up." It would also encourage younger athletes to take them and steroids are especially harmful to bodies that are not fully developed. In my opinion the most important reason is that athletes who use natural ability and hard work should always be observed as the best athletes, not who can take the most steroids to become the best. Do you really want steroids to be legal in the Olympics? We would not know who the best athletes in the world truly are.

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