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Anyone can kick a field goal.

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Q: Can anyone other than the designated kicker kick field goal?
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Can the designated hitter bat for anyone other than the pitcher?

Not in the Pros He can bat for anybody in college and high school

How come nfl kickers can kick the ball for over 80 yards on a kick off but the longest field goal made is only 63 yards?

The kicker on field goals is rushed and only has 3 yards to run up and kick the ball. On the other hand the kicker on Kickoffs has whatever is comfortable yards for them.

Who kicked the Longest pro field goal?

Tom Dempsey kicked a 63 yarder in 1970. The only other kicker to be succesfull from this distance was Jason Elam in 1998.

How big is the playing field for hockey?

Ice hockey is not played on a field. Other than the odious "Winter Classic outdoor games. Anyone have the info for field hockey?

If a football kicker is kicking off and goes between the field goal post does the team get points?

No, not on a kick-off, you can only get points on a field goal or a PAT. Play restarts with a touchback, the same as if it had gone ppast the endline any other way.

What is another word for designated?

To be designated means to be appointed or assigned to a specific task or position. Other synonyms for designated are delegated, selected, or chosen.

Who will be the first kicker chosen in most Fantasy Football drafts?

I did a satellite draft in The Fantasy Jungle the other night and Mason Crosby was the first kicker taken.

How expensive are Kicker amplifiers?

Kicker amplifiers can be a bit expensive, especially compared to other brands. They can run anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to a couple thousand depending on the wattage, but you are paying for quality.

In soccer during a corner kick may the kicker play the ball again after it has rebounded from one of the uprights and comes back to the original kicker without any other player involved?

No. The original kicker may not touch the ball a second time until another player has touched it or play has been stopped.

What three NFL teams other that the Philadelphia Eagles passed on kicker David Akers?

Falcons, Panthers, Redskins

How for should a high school kicker be able to kick?

I have the same question. I am told my son is a very good kicker, he's a freshman, 14 years old. He can kick 50 yard field goals in practice. Hasn't tried one yet in a game though as a freshman. As a 7th grader he hit a 37 yard field goal in a game and did that same distance again as an 8th grader. He can get maybe half of his kickoffs into the end zone kicking fromt he 40. I don't know how this matches up with other kickers though.

Does temperature affect the accuracy kick of a soccer ball?

Temperature is a factor in how the ball responds to being kicked. However, accuracy is a quality of the kicker, not of the ball. To be accurate, the kicker needs to consider temperature as well a dozens of other factors.

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