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Anyone except one of the five primary offensive linemen is allowed to throw the ball in an NFL game, as long as it is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage.

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Q: Can anyone other than Quarterback throw the ball to the receiver in football?
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What do you do in football?

You have a quarterback who throws a ball to a receiver and try to score a touchdown and the other team try to stop them. Also you have to kick field-goals and try to tackle the other teams players.

How do you Play football with four people?

2 players on defense two players on offense. One wide receiver and one quarterback. And then on the other side have one cornerback and one be linebacker and count till 10 Mississippi then rush the quarterback with the linebacker at that point the quarterback can run

What is a function of a football player?

it depends on his or her position for example a cornerback tries to stop the wide receiver from catching the ball which is thrown by the quarterback the linebacks have to stop the quarterback from throwing the ball by sacking him or something other than that. there are more positions so search

What is a interception in a football game?

An interception is when the quarterback throws the football, and the wide receiver tries to catch the football, but there's 1 problem. The other guy on the other team catches the football, so you've gotta ask yourself 1 thing: who was in the better position for the ball? Actually it was whoever caught the football, so if the other guy on the other team caught the football, then he was in a better position. Also, that's called an interception.. in football.

What other positions besides quarterback and halfback have won the Heisman Trophy?

Other positions besides quarterback and halfback/running back that have won the the Heisman Trophy are: end, fullback, wide receiver, wing back, and defensive back.

What is loss of yardage in football?

A loss of yardage in football is when someone on the team holds the football in his/her hand(s)/arm(s) and someone on the other team tackles the person with the football before the person with the football can advance across the line in which the play started. For example: the team with the football start on the fifty yard line and they need to advance the ball to the forty yard line for a first down. The football gets snapped to the quarterback. The quarterback has two options: run with the football or throw the football to someone on his/her team so the team can attempt to get the ball across the forty yard line. The quarterback notices that someone on the other team is running at him/her and runs backwards to the forty yard line. Before the quarterback has the chance to either run with the football or throw the football, the person tackles the quarterback at the forty yard line resulting in a ten yard loss.

What role the friction plays in football?

Friction plays an imporant role in football. It is defined as the force opposing the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers and material objects sliding against each other. Friction, in a sense, helps players grip the football. It helps, for example, the quarterback hold onto the football when its it hiked, just as it helps a wide receiver make a catch when the ball is thrown to him.

Did Ben Roethlisberger play other positions besides quarterback?

Ben Roethlisberger only played at the quarterback position for the Steelers, from 2004 to the present. Ben was a wide receiver in high school up until his senior year.

What football team has the most talented quarterback?

Oakland Raiders, they have Jamarcus Russell, and all other teams are jealous

Why do football coaches wear headphones?

To be able to communicate with coaches in the press box and in other areas of the sidelines and also, for the head coach, to call in a play to the quarterback. Does the quarterback helmet have an earphone?

Why do American football players shout?

American football quarterback players shout to communicate with the other players. He will often use a hut, hut, hut, before he accepts the snap.

Does anyone have any football codes for toppstown other than freebie?


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