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Q: Can anybody tell the players of Indian cricket team who played in the final of the Prudential cup 1983?
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Who was the captain of Indian cricket team when it won the odie world cup?

Kapil dev. It was in 1983, Prudential World Cup.

Who has scored highest in Test Cricket among Indian players?

Sachin Tendulkar is the leading and highest Test Cricket run scorer among all Indian players and all other international players.

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How many players in Indian cricket board now?


What is the color of the uniform of Indian cricket players 1983?

sky blue colour maximum they change related sky blue colour

Can players have advertising logos on there uniforms?

yes as for cricket............players can have advertising logos......... like.....for Indian players have advertisement of sahara

How is the selection of cricket players for Indian premier league?

4 foreign players allowed per team

How many players are there in the Indian cricket team?

gosh.... 11 springs to mind....

Who is responsible for bad performance of Indian cricket team selectors or players?

It will surely be the 11 players , selectors only choose players. players must deliver on the pitch.

Which player has scored highest in test cricket among all the Indian players?

Sachin Tendulkar

Why are Pakistani players not in ipl cricket?

we dont know why but i think is because of pakistani and indian rivary

Is Indian premier league is a waste of time?

No it is not because you can support your favourite cricket players/teams.