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Yes, in major Baseball an umpire can eject a pitcher. Last year as an example, a Yankee pitcher was ejected because the home plate umpire checked to find pine tar on the pitchers belt. This is illegal for a pitcher to have any foreign substance on his body or uniform or cap. Another example is, the umpire's opinion, a pitcher has hit too many batters after being warned. That's an ejection as well. Additionally, any player or manage or a pitcher who argues balls and strikes called by the home plate umpire is an automatic ejection.

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Yes. The umpire can eject anyone at the game.

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Q: Can an umpire eject a pitcher in baseball?
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Who catches the ball thrown by the pitcher in baseball?


How many batters can a pitcher hit?

There is no rule that governs how many hit batsman a pitcher can have. In practically, the team's manager may remove him if the hit batters become excessive...and the umpire may eject the pitcher if he feels the pitcher is intentionally trying to throw at batters.

Can a baseball pitcher request the umpire to clean off home plate?

Sure. And he can request a new ball, too. But the umpire is not required to honor either request.

What pitcher lost a perfect game by a miscall of the umpire in major league baseball in 2010?

Armando Galarraga.

Who is head umpire in baseball game?

the home plate umpire is the umpire in chief

When a man left home running he ran a ways and then turned left ran the same distance and turned left again when he got home there were 2 masked men who wre they?

The catcher and the umpire (at a baseball game.)

Who is in charge of judging a game such as baseball?

The judge of a baseball game is called an umpire.

Who is an Umpire?

An umpire is someone who is like a referee but and ump is in baseball

Can you make a sentence out of umpire?

The umpire stood behind home plate, waiting for the pitcher to send the ball his way.

What is a Baugh in baseball?

A bauck is an illegal move by the pitcher which throws off the runner. If an umpire catcher a pitcher doing an illegal move, all runners on base move forward one base.

What is the word that the umpire calls when a pitcher throws a strike ball?


What does a baseball umpire's era mean?

I must say when I saw that statistic last night it was the first time I had heard of it. But the way I understand it, and umpire's ERA stands for the number of earned runs scored in a game while the umpire is behind home plate. A higher umpire ERA generally means that the umpire favors the hitter by having a smaller strike zone. A lower umpire ERA generally means the umpire favors the pitcher by having a larger strike zone.

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