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maybe if you fire it hard enough

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Q: Can an arrow penetrate a Kevlar armor?
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What is the protective armor for the body called?


Can piranhas bite through kevlar body armor?

no piranhas can not bite through kevlar body armor at all do not try it

What is kevlar body armor made out of?

The protective plates, depending on the age of it, will be steel, ceramics, or kevlar.

What is made up the Military body armor?

Body armor is made of Kevlar.

Kevlar body armor is an example of what?

I don't understand what your asking but, kevlar body armor is an example of a layered fiber that catches the bullet while dissapating its energy, if that's what your asking.

Where can kevlar be used on a car?

Vehicle body panels, hoses, belts, gaskets, tires, clutches, brake pads, & body armor for vehicles can all be made of Kevlar.

Who built the police body armor?

The most common brand of body armour by far is Kevlar.

Will a 45 grain hollow point 22-250 bullet traveling at approximately 4000 feet per second penetrate a kevlar vest and what is the maximum range in which it can be fired from?

It depends on how thick the Kevlar vest is.

What is the strongest armor?

Kevlar level IV

What materials are bulletproof?

There are many materials with bullet proof properties including Kevlar, Lexan, Titanium, Steel and Carbon Composites. Keep in mind that "bullet-proof" is a relative term. Armor-piercing bullets are designed to be able to penetrate most of these so-called "bullet-proof" materials that will do a decent job of stopping normal (non-armor-piercing) rounds.

Why are the Navy SEALS in Tears of the Sun not wearing Kevlar vests?

First and foremost, it is a movie. Second, Navy SEALs do not always wear kevlar armor. It depends on the mission and the mission objectives. Sometimes the additional weight of a kevlar vest would be prohibitive.

What is the Best type metal for body armour?

There's no such thing as a good metal for body armor. Kevlar is best.