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You would sign a declaration that you are a pro prior to starting the tournament from what ive read.

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Q: Can an amateur declare pro status during a golf tournament?
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Can an amateur declare being pro if he wins?

No, his status must be declared prior to the start of the competition.

How much can an amateur golfer can win?

Under the rules of golf and amateur status of the R and A, the maximum an amateur can win is £250. Under the rules of golf and amateur status of the USGA the maximum an amateur can win is $500. If an amateur accepts a prize of greater than this they forfeit their amateur status, and are therefore by definition a professional golfer.

Amateur golf status?

Amateur status is defined by the USGA and R and A as simply not a professional golfer. The maximum amount of money an amateur can win is £250 / $500. If an amateur accepts a prize of greater than this they are deemed to have broken the rules of amateur status and therefore become a professional golfer.

Can amateur golfers Monday qualify?

Yes. But to retain your amateur status you have to waive any money that you might win.

What is considered amateur status on golfs nationwide tour?

Amateur status is where a Golfer is not a professional Golfer. On the nationwide tour it would be considered as the player can win the event and trophy and the exemptions that go with it but they cannot take the prize money, as this is against the rules of amateur status. As the Nationwide tour is a professional tour there are no amateur members but some amateurs get asked to play the events in sponsors exemptions.

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It's possible. The rules state that a player is eligible for the NBA Draft when they are 19 years old, maintain amateur status and be one year removed from their high school graduating class. If a player were to, for whatever reason, maintain his amateur status (ie., not play basketball professionally) until he was 28 and then declare, he could be eligible for the draft. It's not a likely scenario, but it's possible.

If an amateur wins the British open does he get the claret jug?

Yes, an amateur would win the Claret Jug if he won the Open Champoinship. However, he would not win the prize money, as that would contavene his amateur status

Do you have to maintain amateur status to be in the Olympics?

No, look at the NBA players, they are professional athletes and play in the Olympics.

How can Olympic medal winners maintain amateur status when they get paid for their medals by the us Olympic committee?

Nobody's amateur anymore. Bolt got 13.1 million last year.

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