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Yes it can. Look on page 397 of your text Insurance Handbook for the Medical Office, 11th edition, by Marilyn T. Fordney.

Look at the paragraph entitled Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973....

"An HMO is a prepaid group practice that can be sponsored and operated by the government, medical schools, clinics, foundations, hospitals, employers, labor unions, community or consumer groups, insurance companies, hospital medical plans, or the Veterans Administration."

(This was a tricky question, I know, I was hunting for the answer on page 400 !)

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Q: Can an HMO be sponsored and operated by a foundation?
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Eric R. Wagner has written: 'A practical guide to physician sponsored HMO development' -- subject(s): Health maintenance organizations, Physicians, Practice

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where can I get hmo insurance plan ?

If you are employed you can get your HMO through your employer. You can also get an HMO if you are not employed, however it will cost you more since an HMO is a shared cost among many people in the company.

Who can apply for HMO insurance?

Anyone who can afford the payments can apply for HMO insurance. Many people can apply for HMO insurance through their employer. People can even get HMO insurance themselves and be self-insured.

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Health insurance. HMO = Health Maintenance Organization.

What is a direct contract model HMO?

The direct contract model HMO is similar to an IPA except the HMO contracts directly with the individual physicians. The HMO recruits a variety of community healthcare providers, including PCPs and specialists.

What is the singular possessive for the word HMO?

The possessive form of the acronym HMO (health maintenance organization) is HMO's.example: This HMO's rates are better than the one I have now.

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yes some plan, medicare work with hmo .

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You submit an EOB from the Medicare HMO with your Medicaid claim.