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no the Super Bowl must be an AFC team against an NFC team

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Q: Can an AFC team play an AFC team in the Super Bowl?
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Why does the AFC team play on Sunday and the NFC team play on Saturday in the Super Bowl?

For Super Bowl XLVIII the AFC is considered the home team. For the tv broadcasts, the away team plays Saturday and the home team plays Sunday.

Is the home team of Super Bowl XLVIII going to be the NFC or AFC?

The home team will be the AFC.

What team is the AFC for the Super Bowl 2010?

the Indianapolis colts

Which team is AFC in super bowl 2011?

Pittsburgh steelers

Can the New York Giants and jets play against each other in the Super Bowl?

Yes. (Giants are NFC, Jets are AFC) The Super Bowl consists of one team from the NFC and one from the AFC.

Did a 6 seed NFC team play a 6 seed AFC team in the Super Bowl?

No #6 seed AFC team has every played a #6 seed NFC team in the Superbowl.

How does a team qualify for the Super Bowl?

A team qualifies for the Super Bowl by winning either the AFC or NFC Conference Championship game.

When does the NFC play the AFC?

Somewhere before the super bowl.

How many times did an AFC team win a Super Bowl?


Which AFC team won Super Bowl first?

Baltimore Colts

Who was the AFC team for the most watched super bowl?

pats I think

Which team is the only team to have played in the Super Bowl as a member of both the NFL and AFC?

The Colts were a member of the NFL when they played in Super Bowl III and a member of the AFC when they played in Super Bowls V and XLI.

Who are the people that choose the teams to play at the super bowl?

Nobody chooses the teams... The best team from the NFC and the AFC play each other...

What team is AFC for Super Bowl 2011?

the AFC team for superbowl 2011 is green bay packers. NFC is Pittsburgh steelers

Which conferences play in the Super Bowl?

A team from the AFC (American Football Conference) and the NFC (National Football Conference) play against each other in the Super Bowl. They are the only two conferences in the NFL.

What AFC team has won one Super Bowl?

The Ravens, the Chiefs, and the Jets.

What NFL team won Super Bowl X?

Pittsburgh steelers(AFC)

Who is the coach of the AFC team that is playing in the Super Bowl this year?

For the Super Bowl on February 3, 2008, Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots is the AFC Championship Coach.

Can the Oakland Raiders play the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Super Bowl game?

No. The Raiders and Steelers are in the same conference. (AFC). In the Super Bowl it's the AFC vs. the NFC.

How do teams get to the Super Bowl?

Any AFC team, has to win the AFC Championship game, and any NFC team, has to win the NFC Championship!!

How do they decide who the home team will be in super bowl?

The team with the best record in the AFC or the NFC gets the home team colors in the sper bowl.

Which was the last AFC team to win the Super Bowl?

As of Super Bowl XLII, that would be the Indianapolis Colts who won Super Bowl XLI over the Chicago Bears.

Is this years Super Bowl is the NFC the home team?

NFC teams are the home team in odd numbered years. AFC teams are the home team in even numbered years. Since the upcoming Super Bowl will be played in 2008, the AFC team will be the home team.

Is the Super Bowl one AFC and one NFC?

Yes - The Super Bowl is ALWAYS - the top AFC team that makes it through the playoffs without a defeat and the top NFC team that does the same!!! It is the last game of the year (in 2010) and is always between an AFC team and an NFC team - as these were once completely different leagues!!!!

Most Super Bowl wins AFC or NFC?