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Q: Can an 9 year old girl start gymnastics in level one?
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In What sesaon do gymnastics start?

Gymnastics does not start in any particular season or end. It's year round

What year did Nadia Comaneci start competing in gymnastics?


What is healthy for a 10 year old girl?

i think it is healthy to be in gymnastics

Which girl won the Arjun award from gujarat in gymnastics?

Ms.Kalpana Debnath won the Arjuna award for gymnastics in the year 2000.

Is it ok for 12 year olds to be in gymnastics and not even in level 1 yet?

sure! I'm 13 and I wanna do it...

What should you do for your talent show if you are an 11 year-old girl who is good at gymnastics dancin and you play the baritone you can almost juggle you are a fantastic writer and you love reading?

You can do dance and add in Gymnastics. My girl is doing it and she is really good good luck

Can 12 year old girls start gymnastics if they have no experience?

Yes. Just start off as a compulsary gymnast, and you can move up levels

Can you start gymnastics again after having a 6 year break?

In my opinion, you can always go back. However, if you are looking at competing again, it kind of depends on how old you are and what kind of shape you are in. Also, it matters what level you wish to compete at.

How old are people when there in level 7 gymnastics?

There is not a specific age group but since most gymnasts start out when they are young, I would say that level 4 gymnasts are 5-8 years old. Hope this helps:) At my gym most of the level 4 gymnasts are probably like fifth grade.

If you start gymnastics at 13 teen will you be with 6 years old?

Well, I'm about that age and there is an 8 year old on my team, but it really doesn't matter how old you are. I've competed against 5 year olds as well as 18 year olds on the same level. It also depends on where you do gymnastics. If your appropriate level has little kids on it and you don't feel comfortable with it, either get some friends to do it with you, deal with it, go to a different gym, or take private lessons. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're in recreational classes you probably won't be with kids that age because they not only divide classes up by ability level but also by age. If you get on a team though, there is a possibility that you might be with six year olds.

What is the expected level for an 8 year old girl?

You need to specify what kind of level you are asking about.

What is the most sold American Girl doll in 2012?

There were many,many American Girl Dolls sold in the year 2012. The most sold one was the gymnastics star, McKenna. I hope this has helped you.