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Under the FIFA Laws of the Game, a player who has been sent off cannot be replaced.

There are modifications to this rule in U.S. high school soccer with a "soft red" for some offenses in which a player may be replaced.

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Q: Can allow substitute for the red card person?
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When you get 2 yellow cards you get a red card but still can substitute?

you still can substitute

Who was the first person to get red card at pvhs?

At PVHS Kevin H. got the first red card

How long are you prevented from playing after getting a second yellow card or a red card?

The FIFA Laws of the Game do not put any restrictions on the participation of a cautioned player or substitute. They do require that a sent off player or substitute not participate in the current match.

What does the yellow card in football mean?

A yellow card is shown to a player or substitute who is being cautioned and is basically a formal warning. If a player or substitute is cautioned twice in the same match, they are sent off which is indicated by showing them a red card.

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If person get red card in soccer can they play again?

Yes they can but they would be forced out of the game.

What is the difference between a red an yellow card in soccer?

A Yellow card is a sin-bin offense where the player is sent to the touchline for a period of ten minutes normally. The red card is immediate sending off. The player leaves the field of play and must not stand on the touch line. There is no return to play for this person and following a red card offense this usually means a time ban period for the player concerned where they will not be allowed to play.The first shown yellow card means that the player will get 10 minutes in the "sin bin" off the field of play.The second time a yellow card is shown to the same player will force a red card to also be shown. The player must leave the field of play and may also be banned from playing in a number of matches based on the reason.For a dangerous type of play i.e. gouging, spear tackling, strainght arm tackling or stamping this is a red immediately and the player is sent off with a citing to be banned for a period of time.

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